Wednesday, March 26, 2008

PNAC project of Total Disintegration of the World in "Tribes with Flags"....

Go to Damascus....

By Yoel DaMarcus ....

PNAC project of Total Disintegration of the World in "Tribes with Flags"....

You don't have to be a strategic expert to see that the Annapolis initiative is dying. The hopes of President Bush and Ehud Olmert that the foundations for an agreement between Israel and the Palestinians could be laid by the end of 2008 have gone up in smoke. The Palestinians have demonstrated yet again their knack for never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

Their leaders are divided into goodies and baddies. The goodies are prepared to talk to us about a peace agreement, but they are too weak to reach any kind of accord in the name of the Palestinian people. The baddies just want us dead. Toward that end, they are linked up to the axis of evil - to Iran, Hezbollah and all the countries and groups that embrace raging Islamic fundamentalism.

Under the circumstances, we have two options: We can sit and twiddle our thumbs, which means wasting precious time, or we can launch a new political initiative - talks with Syria. Now, as countries in this region are growing weaker, and the terror organizations are growing stronger and working toward the de-legitimization of Israel as a state that has no right to exist, it is vital to cut Syria's links with Iran, Hezbollah and the Resistance groups it is harboring.

After four years of study, Dan Meridor, who headed a committee established by Ariel Sharon and Shaul Mofaz and charged with drafting Israel's national security policy, concluded that Menachem Begin's decision to make peace with Egypt, Israel's strongest and most bitter foe, was a historic move. After that, Yitzhak Rabin signed a peace treaty with Jordan, the second of the five countries that attacked Israel in 1948. These peace agreements have endured for many years, recognized and backed by the United States and Europe, and created an enclave of sanity and stability in the region.

At a time when ill winds seem to be blowing from the north, the possibility of bringing Syria into the circle of peace is a particularly calming prospect. According to Meridor, Syria has lost its luster in the eyes of its Arab neighbors. Since the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri, the moderate Islamic countries, worried that the international tribunal in the Hague will find Bashar Assad guilty, have been giving Syria the cold shoulder. When foreign sources reported that a Syrian installation had been blown up by Israel, wonder of wonders, no Arab country seemed to have a problem with that.

Given Syria's current state of isolation, with its Arab brothers in a huff and a boycott imposed on it by America, the time is ripe for Israel to invite it to join the good guys and urge the Bush administration, or the next one in line, to support an initiative for dialogue between the two countries.

Assad the father was not an easy client at the negotiating table, and the same is true for Assad the son. But 35 years of agreements on the Syrian front have taught us that the Syrians honor their commitments. At a special cabinet meeting two weeks ago, IDF military intelligence estimated that Syria could be separated from the "axis of evil," especially if America pitched in.

Syria's alliance with Iran is not a natural one. Since the return of Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979, Iran's goal has been to topple the traditional regimes in the region, of which Syria is one, and install religious clerics. Over the years, there have been contacts, and even talks, between Damascus and Jerusalem. Kissinger, Clinton, Netanyahu and Barak met with the Syrians and talked to them. But Assad Senior - whose long lectures would leave his listeners with bursting bladders - was a stubborn leader. Always cognizant of being a member of Syria's Alawite minority, he was a stickler for detail. Not only did he demand the return of all territory, but everything had to be exactly as it was before, including the right of Syrian soldiers to dip their toes in the Kinneret.

Assad Junior, supposedly a man of the world, is on our wavelength...who is part and parcel of CIA2 will travel to London this week of March 23/01. to be received with pomp and circumstance of Royalty by Queen Elizabeth the second, [ PNAC member of the evil cult of the UK/USA Alliance of killers ] to discuss reintegration of the new alliance of evils of CIA2/MOSSAD. What is striking for the roving eye, is that Bashar Assad was received in very similar the early part of 2001, right after his election in Syria.... and he came with his young wife, a Sunni member of PNAC alliance of evils, who was presented to him in very similar circumstances to the "introduction" of Carla Bruni and Sarkosi....? It goes without saying that the Alliance of evils of CIA2/MOSSAD has been working overtime and in overdrive since preparation for the Matrix of Tenet and the White House Murder Inc., and the PNAC project of Total Dominions Worldwide....Chapter 1, Verse 2..... Ehud Barak and the defense establishment believe we need to talk to the Syrians for a number of reasons. At the top of the list is establishing internationally recognized borders for the State of Israel, thereby putting an official end to the non-recognition of Israel's existence....

An agreement with Syria would strategically change the picture in this region: It would isolate Iran, neutralize the headquarters of the terrorist organizations and strengthen the moderate Islamic regimes. Unlike the Palestinian leadership at the moment, the Syrians, in their bid for international acceptance, are capable of delivering the goods. But only if Israel realizes that secure and recognized borders come with a price tag, a hefty one, but worth it for peace - the Golan Heights.... preparation for the Matrix of Tenet and the White House Murder Inc., and the PNAC project of Total Disintegration of the World in "Tribes with Flags"....

"الجيروز بوست" تتساءل عن أسباب تكتم سوريا على مقتل مغنية

-رأت صحيفة "الجيروز ست"، استناداً الى تحاليل إسرائيلية في دمشق ان تكتم سوريا على اتهام إسرائيل- -باغتيال القيادي في "حزب الله" عماد مغنية على رغم قول الحزب انه "يملك ادلة مؤكدة 100 في المئة" على أن الدولة العبرية متورطة في العملية، يرجح أن يسبب شرخاً بين سوريا والحزب.
وقالت، ان سوريا أعلنت الشهر الماضي أنها ستطلق تحقيقها الخاص في اغتيال مغنية، لكنها لم تنشر حتى اليوم أية نتائج عن هذا التحقيق،ما أثار تساؤلات في تل أبيب خصوصاً أن نائب الأمين العام لـ"حزب الله" الشيخ نعيم قاسم جزم خلال نهاية الأسبوع الماضي بتورط إسرائيل في تفجير السيارة المفخخة التي أدت الى مقتل القيادي في الحزب في دمشق في شباط الماضي.
واستناداً الى التقويمات الإسرائيلية، كان خطاب قاسم مناسبة جيدة لدمشق لتقدّم بعض الإثباتات للتورط الإسرائيلي السوري ، وهو ما لم يحصل.
واضافت الصحيفة أن صمت دمشق مؤشراً لتوصل التحقيق إلى معلومات محرجة جداً لسوريا مثل تورط آصف شوكت في العملية الاغتيال،- حتى مؤكدة 100 في المئة على اتصال بحكومة الرئيس بشار الأسد- أو تورط عملاء من دول عربية أخرى فيها.
أشارت التقويمات الإسرائيلية إلى أنه إذا كانت سوريا تملك معلومات عن تورط آصف شوكت في الاغتيال، فإنها تحجب هذه المعلومات ولن تنشرها قبل نهاية القمة العربية التي تستضيفها دمشق في نهاية الأسبوع الجاري من أجل عدم

القيام بما قد يضعف هذه القمة آصف شوكت هو زوج أخت الرئيس السوري بشار الأسد