Tuesday, March 18, 2008

America saved Britain and France after the last world war,

Democracy presupposes civic equality,the equality of all citizens in the eyes of the law. Elie's main goal in politics can be summarized as: The preferred government must possess the capacity of representing different Lebanese factions and enjoy unwavering moral values and a modern administrative effectiveness. Only such a government is capable of taking the steps needed to rebuild the Lebanese political system and regain the balance in the republic. Elie is an Unforgettable LEADER....Victim of Hariri and the USA machinations...at the White House Murder Inc.

America saved Britain and France after the last
world war, but who's going to save USA,
after the coming world war...?
Bush himself said ww3 is coming,
and oil isn't on his side...?

The US is now the Number 1 debtor nation in the world.
Her financial system is in tatters and successive
generations of Americans will have to shoulder
this huge colossal debt. All these, the result
of Bush and his OIL men misadventures....

It is time China launch a low intensity asymmetric
war on the US, by refusing to buy US Treasury Bond
at any price. Other Asian countries, the Middle
East, European and especially the Russians should
join in this galactic battle, to bury the number
rogue, barbaric and criminal nation.

OIL should now be traded in Euro and I call on
Venezuela, Iran and the other OPEC nations to do
the same. A weakened US will definitely bring
peace to the Middle East, end the humanitarian
disaster in Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine, and
curtail the US imperial ambition of plundering
other nations resources in the near future...