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"The aim of the Alice in Wonderland or confusion technique is to confound the expectations and conditioned reactions of the interrogatee." - CIA torture guide dated July 1963. (Cached ) "CIA programming themes include ... Alice in Wonderland." (Cached)

The Tea Party movement seems to be run by the CIA?

In the USA, the Tea Party movement got its name back in February 2009.

(Taking America back - Edward Luce, in the FT, 30 October 2010)

The Tea Party people are angry about the $700bn Wall Street bailout, about the 'socialist' idea of helping the 'undeserving' poor and about threats to the divinely inspired US Constitution, God's gift to the world.

According to Ronald Dworkin, 'a leading constitutional scholar' at New York University, "the Constitution was a product of the Enlightenment, which took society away from religion, not towards it."

Dworkin points out that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, owned slaves.

George Washington was a freemason.

According to some in the Tea Party, the USA was a wonderful place until about 1900.

The Tea Party people do not like Woodrow Wilson.

Wilson created the US Federal Reserve and passed an amendment to allow the central government in Washington to collect income taxes.

So, the Tea Party is good in parts.

Americans murder Philippinos

But, it does not seem to know the truth about what happened before 1900:

1. The slaughter by White Americans of American Indians.

By 1891, "through ruthless genocide carried out by the United States Government, the native population of the U.S. had been reduced to 2.5% of its original numbers and 98% of Indian land had already been stolen, almost all in violation of legally binding treaties." (MAKING THE WORLD SAFE FOR HYPOCRISY: The American History.)

2. The lynching by White Americans of innocent Black Americans.

3. The murder of up to one million Philippinos by US troops.

And the Tea Party keeps quiet about events after 1900:

Operation Northwoods,

Operation Gladio,

Operation Mockingbird,

Operation Cyclone,

Operation Paperclip,

Operation Chaos,

and the inside Job of 9 11. ...

The Koch family are the biggest financial backers of the Tea Party.

Fred Koch and his sons "are on lists of Jewish billionaires, and Fred "made his fortune building refineries... for Josef Stalin". ( - The Zionist Billionaires.)

The Tea Party has its own sex scandals:

A Tea Party U.S. Senate candidate stands accused of sex with a kid he met at church.

There is an anonymous article, entitled “I Had a One-Night Stand With Christine O’Donnell:”

And in South Carolina there is a Tea Party sex scandal -

And what about the war?

"Tea Party darling Sarah Palin has issued a major foreign policy statement on her Facebook page taking a generally hawkish neocon line.

"She wants, for example, to eliminate the withdrawal timetable for US troops in Afghanistan and presses for support of that war, along with other aggressive measures." (Cached)

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Pentagon Forges NATO Proxy Armies In Eastern Europe

Pentagon Forges NATO Proxy Armies In Eastern Europe
Rick Rozoff

On November 19 and 20 the leaders of 28 North American and European nations, all the major Western military powers and their vassals, will gather in the capital of Portugal for this year’s summit of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Until recently held every other year, NATO summits are now annual events, with the last held in France and Germany in 2009 and the preceding one in Romania in 2008.

Prior to last year’s summit in Strasbourg and Kehl, the first held in two nations, four in a row had occurred in Eastern Europe: The Czech Republic in 2002, Turkey in 2004, Latvia in 2006 and Romania in 2008. None of those host countries, of course, are anywhere near the North Atlantic Ocean. Neither are any of the 12 nations incorporated into the Western military bloc in the past 11 years.

This year’s summit will endorse the Alliance’s first Strategic Concept for the 21st century, a draft of which was crafted by a so-called group of experts led by former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and presented in a report entitled NATO 2020: Assured Security; Dynamic Engagement.

Despite NATO referring to itself as a “military alliance of democratic states in Europe and North America” and claiming that all its members’ opinions carry equal weight – as though Luxembourg and Iceland could block or override the U.S., the world’s sole military superpower as its current head of state proudly christened it last December – next month’s summit will be a rubber stamp affair.

Everything the Pentagon and White House demand will be granted, most notably:

The subordination of NATO’s theater interceptor missile initiative, the Active Layered Theatre Ballistic Missile Defence Programme launched in 2005, and the U.S.-German-Italian Medium Extended Air Defense System (MEADS) to a U.S. missile shield structure throughout all of Europe and into the Middle East.

Standard Missile-3 planned for Baltic and Black Sea deployments

The retention of at least 200 U.S. nuclear bombs on air bases in Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey.

A complementary cyber warfare “dome” over the European continent directed by the new U.S. Cyber Command. [1]

The qualitatively accelerated military integration of NATO and the European Union in the aftermath of the Lisbon Treaty entering into force last December 1. A Portuguese adviser to President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso recently affirmed “that the best solution for the enhancement of EU-U.S. relations would be that the European Union (EU) joins NATO.” [2]

The continuation of both components of what are frequently (and artificially) presented as being contradictory: NATO’s founding and core mission – the collective military defense of its member states – and its constantly expanding missions far outside the Euro-Atlantic region, with the war in Afghanistan the prototype and standard of the second.

The Lisbon summit will formalize and extend what has been underway in earnest since NATO’s first war in 1999: The projection of the U.S.-dominated military alliance into an international intervention and occupation force. One that is moving steadily to the east and south of the European continent, which has been unified under NATO and will soon be subsumed under American missile and cyber warfare systems.

Washington and Brussels pretend to protect all of Europe from threats that do not exist – not from Russia, not from Iran and certainly not Syria and North Korea – in exchange for the Pentagon being permitted to move its military personnel and infrastructure along Russia’s western flank from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea and recruiting the host countries’ youth for wars abroad. What in fact are NATO membership obligations.

Voice of Russia on October 27 stated that “Russia is pressing for a NATO ban on the deployment of substantial numbers of allied forces in the newly-admitted eastern member-nations,” and recounted that last December Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov handed NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen a proposal for a draft agreement on Russian-NATO relations which “sets a ceiling for the number of troops and weapons allowed for deployment” to the territory of the former Warsaw Pact and even the Soviet Union.

In doing so Lavrov resembled Afghan President Hamid Karzai periodically complaining of the U.S. and NATO killing his nation’s civilians and the Pakistani government publicly bemoaning deadly American drone strikes in its tribal areas. What he urged was correct and important, but he knew that nothing would come of it.

The Pentagon has ensconced itself permanently at bases in Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and Kosovo and the hosts’ troops – except for the last-named, a U.S.-spawned stillborn pseudo-state still not a member of the United Nations 32 months after its unilateral declaration of independence – have been dispatched to fight and die in Afghanistan.

In 21st century Europe armed forces exist not for territorial defense but for NATO and European Union deployments overseas. Military bases, facilities and installations are for billeting foreign troops and housing other nations’ aircraft and military equipment, those of the U.S. in particular.

U.S. F-15 Eagle fighter jets are currently patrolling the airspace over the Baltic Sea in Russia’s neighborhood and are stationed at the Siauliai Air Base in Lithuania until the end of the year.

F-15C fighter jet

The first long-term deployment of American anti-ballistic missiles – a Patriot Advanced Capability-3 battery with approximately 100 troops manning it – occurred this year in northeastern Poland near its border with Russia.

Last year Washington launched the world’s first multinational strategic airlift operation at the Papa Air Base in Hungary.

The U.S. Army’s Task Force East operates out of Romania’s Mihail Kogalniceanu Airfield and Babadag Training Area and Bulgaria’s Novo Selo Training Range.

The U.S. continues to occupy the almost 1,000-acre Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo.

Shifting American nuclear bombs from NATO air bases in other parts of Europe to ones in the east like Lithuania’s Siauliai, Estonia’s Amari, Poland’s Swidwin, Romania’s Mihail Kogalniceanu and Bulgaria’s Graf Ignatievo and Bezmer would be the simplest matter in the world – assuming it hasn’t already been done. There would be less (which is to say no) publicity than that which accompanied CIA “black sites” in Lithuania, Poland, Romania and who knows where else on the territory of new NATO states.

A day never passes without U.S. warplanes flying over and warships visiting ports in Eastern Europe, without the Pentagon conducting military training and exercises including live-fire drills and full-scale war games in the region. [3]

Last month the U.S. participated in the Northern Coasts exercise in the Baltic Sea and the Jackal Stone 10 multinational military exercise in Lithuania and Poland, deploying USS Mount Whitney, flagship of the Mediterranean Sea-based Sixth Fleet, for the latter.

Throughout this month U.S. Special Operations Command is conducting training exercises in Hohenfels, Germany with troops from the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Poland “to seamlessly integrate on the battlefield” in Afghanistan.

“During the actual exercise, the Special Forces command element coordinated with conventional forces to provide Quick Reaction Force assistance.” [4]

On October 11 Polish Army Lieutenant General Mieczyslaw Bieniek, recently appointed Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Transformation of the NATO command in Norfolk, Virginia, visited the NATO Joint Forces Training Centre in Bydgoszcz in his homeland to meet with Afghan generals and among other matters discuss “the situation in Afghanistan, current NATO-Afghan cooperation and its future challenges.” [5]

A week later the Polish government extended the deployment of its 2,600 troops in Afghanistan. “The current mission was supposed to end on 13 October but at the government’s request the president decided to prolong it until 13 April 2011.” [6]

As the U.S.-based Polish NATO commander was in Poland, Polish troops were training at the Marseilles National Guard Center, 65 miles from Chicago, with the Bilateral Imbedded Staff Team A7 which will deploy to Afghanistan in January and which “trains through the State Partnership Program with members of the Polish military both here and in Poland to build relationships with coalition members.” [7]

F-15C fighter jets of the sort currently deployed in the Baltic skies arrived at the Campia Turzii Air Base in Romania on October 21 for Operation Golden Lance, “a large-scale exercise involving more than 150 U.S. Air Force personnel, 10 fighter aircraft and dozens of pieces of support equipment.”

The commander of the 493rd Fighter Squadron in charge of the war games stated, “We’re excited to bring our F-15C capability to demonstrate our air superiority skills, train with a formidable NATO ally and integrate our services on offensive counter-aircraft training missions.”

A major objective of the air combat maneuvers is to provide the U.S. Air Force with yet more opportunities to face off against Russian MiG-21s.

The two nations’ air forces “already share a common link,” as Romanian air force units from the Campia Turzii Air Base “have performed the Baltic Air Police mission the 493rd FS is currently performing elsewhere in the world.” [8]

On October 27 the U.S. 86th Airlift Wing and 435th Air Ground Operations Wing completed two weeks of joint exercises in Bulgaria in the context of Thracian Fall 2010, during which American personnel “were able to train and lead more than 1,000 Bulgarian paratroopers to successful landings from U. S. Air Force in Europe’s newest tactical aircraft.”

As to the purpose of such exercises, an American officer present for them said, “We are hoping by them [Bulgarians] being able to observe how we conduct our operations they will use this to enhance their own ability, from paratrooper operations to flying and one day be able to conduct exercises and even assist in future conflicts.” [9]

The future conflicts mentioned – constantly emphasized – are tomorrow’s wars, ones for which the current nine-year-old armed conflict in Afghanistan is a preparation.

Russia’s foreign minister might want to take note of the fact.

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More Garbage From Western/Aussie Militarist Minds

22 10 2010

[There is nothing so blind as a Western militarist, always thinking that the next military strike will be the one to force submission upon the enemy. Where were these guys when Bush pulled the plug on the original 911 war, in order to take war to the entire region? No military voices spoke-up demanding that the Afghan war be finished before invading Iraq, or to denounce the barbaric inside Job of 9/11, because none of them wanted to end any of these wars, only prolong them and multiply them. Now that politicians are fighting-back against the awful price that has so far been paid, the arm-chair fascists are demanding that we pay a higher price, pleading for one last chance to redeem their embarrassed manhood..., utter corruption and Hubris.]

James Brown

The West must be patient. The new strategy has barely had time to start working....

Meanwhile, DOD/FDDC/CIA/Stratfor Disinformation continues unabated....

IN FEBRUARY Pakistan’s ISI intelligence service captured Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar at a madrassa in the Pakistani port city of Karachi. Mullah Baradar was the Taliban’s second in command, surpassed in seniority only by Mullah Omar.

At the time of his capture he was responsible for the planning of Taliban strategy across the whole of southern Afghanistan. Baradar’s capture was unusual and unexpected. That morning raid may mark the point at which a failing Afghan war was turned around.

In the months since Baradar was captured, coalition forces have captured or killed a succession of senior Taliban commanders across Afghanistan. In three weeks last June, three successive Taliban shadow governors for the province of Baghlan were killed or captured within days of being appointed to their role.

Advertisement: Story continues below

The Haqqani insurgent network that facilitates the majority of attacks on Kabul has lost three leaders due to coalition operations this year. As one NATO senior official put it, this year “the Taliban are experiencing a whole new level of pain”.

Ask most Australians, though, and they will probably answer that the war in Afghanistan is a lost cause. Some 49 per cent of respondents in an Essential Report poll this week would withdraw our soldiers immediately. Greens Senator Bob Brown believes “all MPs owe it to our troops to be fully informed on Afghanistan and the reality is that military success is not on the horizon”. He’s only partially wrong.

At the tactical level the war in Afghanistan this year has been remarkably successful. The surge of troops and equipment, the last portion of which is only now arriving in Afghanistan, has allowed the coalition to strike into distant areas such as Marjah that previously had to be left to the Taliban.

But at the strategic level the war has been a disaster. The Dutch have withdrawn from Uruzgan province, the Canadians, Poles and Italians have all set withdrawal dates, and President Barack CIA Obama has signaled that the US will contemplate troop reductions from July....

The UK has little appetite to remain in Afghanistan. Its coalition government has one eye on forthcoming defense budget cuts and the other on the morose procession of fallen soldiers returning through the streets of Wootton Bassett.

Unlike the Taliban, coalition leaders are subject to the vicissitudes of democratic electoral cycles. Politics is indeed the enemy of strategy and nowhere more so than in Afghanistan.

Perceptions in Afghanistan of the war are more important than reality. In a counter-insurgency fight the support of the population is the difference between victory and defeat. As an Afghan friend explained to me in Kabul last year, history has shown Afghans the folly of casting their lot before they know which will be the victorious side.

For the past nine years the Taliban have waged a propaganda war against the coalition that has been much more sophisticated than their tactical military operations. Taliban spokesmen have massaged media relationships to paint a picture of themselves as a monolithic insurgent force.

Successful spin conducted via satellite phone has taken a mix of ragtag local fighters, criminal networks and ideological extremists and linked them to the mythology of the Soviet-destroying mujaheddin. For a long time we’ve all been convinced that the Taliban are winning.

Taliban propaganda has become more shrill in recent weeks. Their efforts have been devoted to denying reports that reconciliation talks are under way between the Taliban and the Karzai government.

Something is changing in the way our enemies are fighting this war. The Taliban are becoming more political. Their spokesmen are sounding more like Sinn Fein and less like the IRA.

In the Malayan counterinsurgency, the British learnt that the best way to convince insurgents to lay down their arms was to have ex-insurgents deliver messages of reconciliation to their former colleagues.

For the coalition to win in Afghanistan it will have to negotiate with the moderate Taliban while continuing to hunt the irreconcilable insurgent extremists. Winning in Afghanistan will also mean tolerating the corrupt Karzai government – a traumatic concept for many Afghans. This is far from an ideal outcome but it is an achievable one.

The key to defeating the Taliban in the near future is to inflict enough military pain to force them to the negotiating table. The key to defeating the Taliban in the long term is to create enough opportunities for education for the Afghan people so that they will never again let the Taliban re-assert themselves.

Mullah Baradar was born in a small village in Deh Rahwood, Uruzgan, not far from the Tangi Valley where Australian soldiers recently fought a fierce and controversial battle. In Uruzgan our Special Operations Task Group continues to track down Taliban leaders who spread civilian casualties and fear among the population. They’ve been helped no doubt by information passed on from Baradar’s captors.

While our politicians debate Afghanistan in the Parliament this week our soldiers in Uruzgan will be training Afghan National Army officers to read as well as lead. AusAID staff will be teaching modern agricultural techniques to Afghan farmers. The AFP will be training Afghan National Police to track down narcotics networks. In Kabul UN workers will be training Afghan journalists to investigate corruption in their own government.

Our coalition partners will be building roads connecting remote Afghan valleys and allowing villagers to judge the world for themselves, rather than submitting to the

world-view of their local Taliban commander.

Progress in Afghanistan is possible, and our soldiers can make a tangible difference there. Let’s just hope that our politics don’t get in the way of a strategy that has just barely had time to start working.

James Brown served as an officer in the Australian rag tag Army of assassins before joining the Lowy Institute’s International Security Program as a pathetic military associate....

NATO's Neocon Sec. Gen. talking out of his burly Ass.... as usual.

Rebel forces in Afghanistan have been forced onto the back foot and are now under more pressure than they have ever been, NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said on Friday.

After meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin, Rasmussen said NATO was looking forward to handing principle responsibility for security in Afghanistan to local forces from next year, and that the timing for this looked good.

“The insurgency is under pressure, under pressure like never before in Afghanistan. Our aim for this year was to regain the momentum,” Rasmussen told a news conference. “Now we have it.”

Rasmussen and Merkel said a meeting on November 19-20 in Lisbon — where NATO will unveil a new strategic plan for the military alliance — had been at the forefront of their talks.

A revamped NATO would remain the “bedrock of transatlantic security,” the secretary general said, adding “I believe that that will include missile defense for Europe.”

He said he hoped NATO heads of government would in Lisbon agree to build a system to protect Europe against missile attack, adding that he hoped this would “go together with a clear offer toRussia to cooperate and to benefit.”

Rasmussen, a former Danish prime minister, said he wanted NATO to step up cooperation with Russia on missile defense and Afghanistan. Russia is due to attend the Lisbon summit.

“These relations (with Russia) have already improved substantially from where they were a year ago,” he said. “I think we can lay the foundation for a long-term strategic partnership between NATO and Russia.”

Rasmussen reiterated his desire to see NATO become a forum for consultation on international security matters.

“Who would suffer if our partners in Europe, central Asia, north Africa and the Middle East were to deepen their cooperation with NATO?,” he said at a separate event in Berlin.

“Who stands to lose if countries such as China, India and Pakistan were to engage in a closer dialogue with NATO?”

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Predictions for Future Droughts

Future drought: These four maps illustrate the potential for future drought worldwide over the decades indicated, based on current projections of future greenhouse gas emissions. These maps are not intended as forecasts, since the actual course of projected greenhouse gas emissions as well as natural climate variations could alter the drought patterns.

The maps use a common measure, the Palmer Drought Severity Index, which assigns positive numbers when conditions are unusually wet for a particular region, and negative numbers when conditions are unusually dry. A reading of -4 or below is considered extreme drought. Regions that are blue or green will likely be at lower risk of drought, while those in the red and purple spectrum could face more unusually extreme drought conditions. (Credit: Courtesy Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews, redrawn by UCAR)

The United States and many other heavily populated countries face a growing threat of severe and prolonged drought in coming decades, according to a new study by National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) scientist Aiguo Dai. The detailed analysis concludes that warming temperatures associated with climate change will likely create increasingly dry conditions across much of the globe in the next 30 years, possibly reaching a scale in some regions by the end of the century that has rarely, if ever, been observed in modern times.

Read more at Science Daily: Drought May Threaten Much of Globe Within Decades, Analysis Predicts

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Germany is veering right, from Joseph STRAUSS to Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg

Germany is veering right, from Joseph STRAUSS to Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg
"Al-CIAda" threat.... Al Qaeda is as real as the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny but it is the neocons' only weapon of fear....for Europe and the World...wherever convenient for CIA/MOSSAD/MI6/BND.....Our sources are accurate regarding CIA's participation in Sadat's assassinations, then we now have established a nefarious connection between William Casey, George H. W. Bush, the CIA/MOSSAD and Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, who later united with Osama bin Laden, becoming his right hand man and head of operations for Al-CIAda....
with important cells operating from Hamburg Germany and other cities....since 1998....

Mention the politician Strauss from Bavaria - I remember Strauss like all of y’all remember the Bush clan – I grew up in Germany west of the Berlin Wall after the first half of childhood spent in Tito’s Yugoslavia. Strauss was the Archangel/Godfather of the CSU party. And CSU is the hard-right viper bed where the likely future Merkel replacement, His Excellency von und zu Guttenberg comes from today. They are hard-core Bavarian Catholics in the Vatican-blind loyalty sense – yeah, the Pope as triage chaplain on the global battle fields, you got that right, KL - but that is a shift to out-of-the-closet unapologetic socially hard-core conservative politics with a NWO agenda in a greater sense – a worst-case-scenario right wing sellouts. Let’s all come out of the closet with the agendas, eh?

The current blueblood from the Guttenberg line – the youngster who is traded as the next Chancellor of Germany – is old royalty from that line which goes back older than the Frankfurt Amschel Mayer Rothschild lines – Bavaria and Gutenberg is the viper bed of the Central European Illuminati in the historic pre-Rothschild sense if you read up on it.

On the paradigm-MSM-mindfuck horizon, Der Spiegel and others in Germany proclaim to German sheeple that Germany has an appetite for old royalty and a taste for Obama adventurism – forgive them, they have not yet discovered Obama is passé, they are still seeking for the Hope-And-Change candidate of their own, thus the analogy – Barry the Messiah, or Barry the Has-Been is what they are after but things travel a little slower across the Atlantic sometimes. Guttenberg is traded as a hot commodity for that in an anticipated disastrous election loss in Baden-Wuerttemberg for Merkel next year which will give him advantage. If the global elites through their mouthpieces like Der Spiegel say so, believe it, they got the dollars and psy ops behind it to get this man elected and he is the New Prince, so they claim in Germany now.

What will it do? Hard right turn for German politics. Think Merkel and Sarkozy are right? Think again, you ain’t seen nothing yet till you see what CSU party out of Germany is and their current Prince. Merkel and Sarkozy are Neocon Lite in the same sense as McCain is one...Aaw, wait till you meet the charming CSU Illuminati prince von Guttenberg.... Now we are talking blazing out of the closet Hard Right coming out. I promise you the rise of the Viertes Reich if this man is elected...

Germany was overdue for it. After the war, they put on a forced Nuremberg-trial-induced repentant face and at the same time invited guest workers into the country – that’s how I got to Germany as a kid. They accepted us ‘farriners’ with gritted teeth. That’s how I grew up, a part of the German Multikulti experiment which was programmed to fail from its late-50s outset and declared as failed as of last week by Merkel. What is the conclusion and next step after the failure? The prince will likely deliver it to us.

Over the decades since WW II, Germany went through its democracy emancipation phases, discovered left radicalism and Rote Armee Fraktion and Baader-Meinhof and then in sequence, Joschka Fischer – I remember him as I was in my teens in Frankfurt where in the 70s at that time was busy throwing Molotov-cocktail at the Frankfurt Rothschild-owned banker establishments – I remember the riots and Molotov cocktails from actually having seen from a high-rise window in Frankfurt back then – Fischer, the brainy hard-left Che Guevara of Germany later became the foreign minister and most influential member of the Schroeder false left paradigm German regime – only to turn out to be an NWO whore, retread washed-out old rebel who sold his soul to the Zionist NWO establishment. I know a few of those. Actually, I once lived with one of the old Balkans far-left grenade-throwing rebels who is today one of the biggest Soros-owned whores high in the government of today’s Croatia. Shit happens and it ain’t always pretty. Old rebel souls tend to come up for sale at wholesale prices at the global auction these days as the global elites are calling for last stops. Whoredom is after all the oldest trade on the planet. So that much for Joschka Fischer also.

But Germany came out of its left paradigm, let the true brainy left die a sad and corrupt death all worn-out whores must die, and then, Germany next went Merkel and center-of-right NWO Neocon Lite. A right agenda clothed in female-leader format is easier to sell – remember that here, folks, and forget your Sarah-Palin-in-a-red-thong fantasies:)

And now this Neocon Lite is competing in the next elections with the hard unapologetic German right, gussied up to attractive format by a 39-year-old blue-blooded Prince named von Guttenberg. Germany was under post-WW II self-imposed antimilitaristic veneer for half a century out of pious guilt on a timer over the Holocaust and they are deciding – that’s enough now, time to step onto the global stage again. They are ready to discard their antimilitaristic history-induced non-warfare sense of guilt-schmilt and step out again – in openly right format, with an Illuminati at the helm, the German military Empire is back and raring to go to a new mission. That seems to be the mood.

And you have to understand the current anti-multikulti Merkel and Thilo Sarrazin crap in that light – grooming Germans toward enough xenophobic angst to elect the hard right and want to go out there again and kick some ass – whoever’s ass, Germany wants to be tough again. And the global elites are there, handing them a new Prince of Illuminati lines ready to go as next Chancellor off the assembly line of puppets. What a coincidence. And what even greater coincidence the CIA-flavored and NWO-themed publications like Der Spiegel are already selling him as the done-deal next Chancellor....if they say so, I don’t doubt it. Not the first time, a chancellor was constructed....Keep your eyes on this situation because it may mark a global shift of Germany as right-wing key player if the tea leaves fall where they are set to fall....
You have a good built-in Geiger counter for Euro-politics. Here is one of the early pieces in US media I can find on the Rising Right-Wing Euro-Royalty Prince. Europe MSM is already selling him as the done-deal next Chancellor to a half-receptive, half-reluctant public. But here is a US piece on him. Do pay attention. If elected, this guy will shift global politics to Germany as major flaming right-wing player with an old-world-dominant aristocratic Catholicism flavor. It took 6 decades of global low-key post-repentant Germany approach for them to rear their global-dominance heads again but the current German Phoenix rising from the post-WW II ashes is likely this chosen prince here. I don't have to draw you a picture of how that will shift world politics with Germany as active global NWO Empire key player. You are very good at assembling the far-flung pieces of info into a picture....
I just know Germany as well as the US, grew up 50% there and 50% Yugoslavia have been connected and constantly back to Germany for decades no, my other home, my other culture and native language, I live here and there with 1 foot in each culture.

The article above - this is a description of east Germany, small town, VERY TYPICAL of east and problems of east. Summary: Half a century of DDR East Germany behind Iron Curtain under Erich Honecker and Soviet-enforced communism and result was: The east became ignorant, uneducated and hateful.

Contributing factors: The east is mostly rural hillbilly and coal mine and outdated industrial wasteland country, sadly neglected x50 years of Russians sitting in it without providing reform or much education, lower education than west all along. After Holocaust, Russians simply put them behind the wall and did not educate them much. West was "denazified" in aggressive campaigns to deal with its past and thrived. The east sat behind the wall, stewed in hard-line Russian brand communism (MUCH worse than Yugoslavia, I visited East Germany across the Berlin Wall many times – whew! Communist DDR east Germany under Honecker was a hard-assed communist nightmare on the other side of that Berlin Wall and our Tito comparatively was Communism Lite while east Germany had Communism From Hell for decades, this is true). They were ignorant to begin with in the east – whaddaya expect from factory and Ruhrpott coal mine country and nothing else - as neglected uneducated rural areas go and they were Nazis under Hitler and nobody taught them any better after 1945 because the Russians who ran the place did not care to educate them and they as a result never got over WW II fascism and kept on hating everybody who was not them or their first cousin Karl-Heinz or looked less than Aryan.

Then Helmut Kohl came along, took down the Berlin Wall (contrary to popular belief, Ronnie Reagan didn't have a damn thing to do with it except the B actor Hollywood moment of "take down that wall, Mr. Gorbachev!" under the MSM Klieg lights of pompous fake history moments but Ronnie knew his lines and faked them all well - Theatrics, semantics, BS - the reality was - Helmut Kohl took down the wall, Ronnie took credit in front of a gullible US audience because nobody else bought into it but mainstream America.)

So this was the sad state of neglect east Germany was in when they tore down the Berlin Wall. And the large prosperous open-minded modern west discovered their hateful hillbilly cousins on the other side of the wall – shortly after the fall of the Wall, one of the common sayings in Germany after tearing down of the Berlin Wall was - put it back, this time much higher - when they discovered what it really looked like over there when the wall fell.

As we are melting down countries, Germany apparently will fall prey to ethnic battles - again. First they filled it with millions of foreigners. I like them a lot, I was one of them and like the others for the melting pot they are – what failed Multikulti, we’s doing jes’ fine and are integrated OK! I just came back from Germany. There are native Africans who grew up speaking only German – they are as German as African-Americans are American. It was a nice Multikulti mix in the far west near the French and Ben-Ne-Lux borders where I was just recently. The millions of Turks were fine, thousand headscarves per small town and all – no problems till Sarrazin opened his mouth. Local Germans were fine with it.

But not all Germans feel this way. The east wants to crucify them and go kill some foreigners ASAP - it is all the foreigner’s fault, you know, that the country is falling apart and economy melting down – (hmm, have we heard that before? Maybe the Latinos the right wing wants to crucify here? ) .

East Germany hits on granite – the neonazis there forget that foreigners like my parents have been in Germany for 45 years, paid the taxes and pensions that east Germans never worked for but just inherited by virtue of ethnicity when the Wall fell - the east did not contribute, the millions of foreigners in the west DID. But the east wants an ethnic advantage. The west elects Turkish polls with headscarves and says F you. See the clash?

Then come the global elites, play their game and stir up the pot which is again reaching a boiling point. West Germans are mellow and want no parts of the xenophobia - this is true. I am allergic to German xenophobia but the West is nice and mellow. The east would like a showdown against Turks, us inferiors from former Yugo and Africans - yesterday, if possible.

To this day, the “Ossi”-Land (nicknamed after “Osten” meaning east) east is underdeveloped, rural, poor and has all the ethnic hate problems. But now xenophobia is in political vogue again - like never before since 1945. They always wore some Springerstiefel on the other side of that comforting Berlin Wall and shaved their heads but now that Thilo Sarrazin wrote his book - plus simultaneously, the rising Bavarian Illuminati Prince von und zu Guttenberg is making it chic to be a flaming right-winger, they are letting it all hang out in the east now – they feel confirmed and validated by the political charade. Scary combo - Merkel crumbling and turning right from the right Neocon Lite position where her default setting was – mo’ right is mo’ betta is her pragmatic new motto now as the Prince plus the east are singing backup chorus. . The Fresh New Prince Guttenberg is pushing a far right agenda - and for the first time in 60 years of German official pacifist politics, he is openly pushing WARS. Af-Pak, any war is fine with him. Hard-core neocon, hard-right course. Prince Charming, Illuminati spawn. OUCH! So now she is more right, the Prince is all charm and smiles and pushing it far right and the yahoos in east Germany are dancing in celebratory joy - some scary crap, I tellya. I am watching for signs when I have to evacuate my parents before they lynch them for being foreigners after they lived and worked half a century in Germany....

Could not get worse. If this happens - as it likely will as the writing is on the wall and they are artificially building up the Prince Guttenberg - count Germany into the US/UK game of brutal ruthless imperialistic Empire-building as early as 2011 – global political pole shift coming out of Germany, folks....

Here is the other side of the puzzle - continued from last tread - top story German news today is Reuters in German language - interesting because Reuters is owned by the Rothschilds, so this story today being planted in front of Germans in their own language as #1 news item this morning says a lot as to who is driving this agenda - our global elites are busy with their smoke and mirrors again.

Today's top story in Germany - the REDUCTION of the German military from 250,000 to 180,000 soldiers, reduction in Defense Ministry Germany, etc.

And a Prince von und zu Guttenberg declaring it the sensible thing to do due to budget cuts - they are pretending this is an extension of austerity measures all the way to the defense budget.

So this thing is being presented to the German public in very misleading format via German MSM - reassurance that Germany will reduce and fight fewer wars. While in the background the mil-industry Germany plus Guttenberg are meeting and planning a giant new German Blackwater-like force. So Germany is reducing its formal defense force, pretending it is making a 180 away from wars - while entering the global invisible merc business in a major way via this neocon conspiracy in Germany brewing right now. Mercs are largely invisible to the public - we know they exist but not what they do or where. And Germany seems to be becoming a major covert new player in the global scheme of things, the way this looks.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Deflating the strategy of tension...

Deflating the strategy of tension...
By Peter Chamberlin

Oct , 2010,

The flexibility of Western pipeline plans makes it difficult to pin down exactly where the lines are drawn between the US and the former USSR, especially since the so-called “reset” in relations has supposedly taken effect. The merger of American and Russian development plans for the Central Asian region should mean that the lines of division have all been erased. But that is impossible, simply because the differences between systems that have been made prominent by human rights concerns, makes it necessary to maintain at least the illusion that the authoritarian and democratic positions are not identical.

On the surface, the problems associated with such a “reset” would seem to explain the remaining divisions between East and West, but there are hidden considerations. The sinking of the American economic position, in contrast to the rising Russian status, brews strong temptations for the Russian side to seek permanent advantage over their former nemesis and for the American side, strong impetus to deny the “Ruskies” their moment of schadenfreude (I always swore that I would never use that word). The merger of the two sides’ interests probably accounts for the sudden threat of “Islamists” all over the former Soviet territory. The unknown factor is whether America’s “Islamists” are still serving America’s anti-Russian agenda, or whether their mission has been compromised so that their violence serves both American and Russian plans.

Putin and Obama will never really be on the same page all the time until the issue of Nabucco is resolved. Until then, all cooperative efforts involving the militants should be considered merely window dressing unless other information confirms a genuine attempt to find common ground. For the sake of unity in the terror war and allegedly in the drug war, as well, both sides see eye-to-eye, but beyond that, cooperation gives way to competition. The actions of the Islamists should be seen as “tie-breakers,” deployed to resolve contested issues in America’s favor.

The object of the competition is to capture the corporate money which is being poured into Central Asian resource development, both sides are vying for the same funds, to invest in similar or the same resources and industrial investment opportunities to repair or replace dilapidated Soviet-era industries. The competition can best be described as a series of intrigues, staged to capture the local authority required to begin reconstruction and development projects to bring roads, rails, water, electricity and housing construction that are desperately needed in the under-developed region.

Sometimes the intrigues are one-sided, other times both sides become actors, playing different roles in the same dramas, such as the troubles in Kyrgyzstan. It is extremely difficult for outside observers to identify the opposing sides, or even to when the major powers are working together. The very real social upheaval in the contentious region (agitated into its present condition by the original divisive ethnic policies of Stalin’s police state and the chaos of the post-Soviet era) was amplified by the introduction of Western ethno-religious psychological warfare scenarios. These psywar scenarios are typically oriented to aggravate religion and tribal-based differences. In the case of Kyrgyzstan, charges of “ethnic cleansing” reverberated through city streets, along with rumors of IMU (Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan) infiltration in the south, in support of the Bakyiev dictatorship.

In Tajikistan itself, government forces are cracking-down on the political opposition leaders and their supporters, claiming that they are fighting a resurgence of the same IMU “Islamists.” Dozens have been killed in separate encounters between government forces and fighters hiding in the mountains and deep gorges, but with the lack of reporting from the country and remote battle sites, it is impossible to determine who is initiating these fights. It remains to be seen whether the so-called “Islamists” (allegedly under the command of rebel leader Mullah Abdullo in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan), are working the Russian or American end of the great con-job. We will only know the truth when we see either NATO forces or those from the CTSO, entering Tajikistan under the guise of fighting either terrorism or drugs (SEE: CSTO to hold drills in Russia’s Urals).

As in Tajikistan, so it is in Chechnya and Ingushetia, where rumored American asset, Doku Umarov (SEE: We Fight U.S, British Special Services in Mountains) has just caused a split in the militants fighting against Russian and Chechen troops. In this operation, the nationalist fighters have turned against Saudi-funded Umarov because of his attempts to turn the Chechen cause into a fight for the internationalist militants (otherwise known as “al Qaida”). The militant cause there has clearly turned against Moscow for the worst, rejecting Doku’s leadership for the sake of the national liberation struggle. Since the American schemes have played-out here, we should probably expect to see another Russo-Georgia conflict, in order to remove the thorn named Saakashvili from Putin’s side, as well as the bothersome Islamic militants.

Doku was allegedly behind the “Black Widow” Moscow subway bombers, so the split may mean a small victory for the Russian authorities. It is probably impossible to predict the next direction that the struggle to open-up Central Asia for resource development or Soviet re-industrialization investments will take, but ongoing Russian war games near Ingushetia with the CTSO forces, or the SCO exercises that are underway in Kazakhstan are probably practice for the next steps. The CTSO games involved troops from Armenia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Belarus. Among the strategies and tactics practiced in these games was the use of “non-lethal weapons for fights in urban areas.”

Recent renewal of the Russian/Armenian defense pact says that defending against an Azerbaijani thrust is a possibility, but that would be a decision made by the Azeri leaders. Signing of border control and customs agreements with Kazakhstan has opened-up the possibility of a counter-narcotics mission there. Tajik violence and the jailbreak by Islamists brought with it the offer of Russian military assistance. Tajikistan could be used as a secondary staging area to help pacify southern Kyrgyzstan. Belarus is always straining against the demands of Moscow, which is like an open invitation to a violent re-Sovietization, at some point. Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan all took part in SCO war games with Russia and China in Kazakhstan.

The American component of the intrigues, especially the drug-running “Islamist” gambit, leaves open the major possibility that the US side will maintain its control of the psyop, maintaining drug supplies, while simultaneously pretending to lead the fight against them, unless everything manages to fall into complete chaos. The problem with betting on the side of chaos is that when it comes down to chaos, that is America’s main area of expertise. Managing conflict, bringing order out of chaos, has become close to an exact science under American control. That brings the whole exercise back to a central question: Can American behaviorists maintain control over key leaders, especially Pakistani leaders, enough to keep the violence which flows through Pakistan (before overrunning Pakistan’s immediate neighbors), to a manageable level?

American behavioral control science is a very powerful tool, originally developed by Nazi mind-control scientists, working in prison and labor-camps, where they were free to operate outside the laws which bound ethical scientists. The Nazi sciences (upon which all further mind-control research is based) were developed by immoral men, working under “mad scientist” conditions, where the screams of the hopeless and dying human guinea pigs fell on deaf ears. These evil scientists were afterwards recruited by the American and British secret agencies to develop the means of mass control and the capability to destroy the wills of individuals, in order to replace them with new artificial wills created for them by state scientists.

This is the particular branch of the mind-control sciences that has been used to take over political movements, using reprogrammed leaders to reprogram armies of state assassins with the will to murder individuals and groups of people who interfere with the plans of the Imperial state. The awesome power of this mind-science to override the human will of select candidates can be seen in the proliferation of young, illiterate “suicide bombers” waiting to blow themselves to smithereens in the midst of enemies of the Empire. The teachers of the suicide academies in Pakistan’s tribal regions and other key locations have been taught an exact formula for tricking suggestible young minds into becoming enemies of the state and strangers to their own families. The false “Islam” concocted by the mad scientists of the state was a major part of the psychological programming mechanism.

Malleable young candidates from the local criminal classes are identified by agency sources, who employ careful psychological screening and profiling techniques (SEE: Semantic Stimuli Response Measurement ; MK ULTRA, PROJECT TALENT) to identify young potential psychopaths, providing the secret agencies with a bottomless pool of future “Manchurian Candidate” types. The violent actions of these reconditioned individual terrorists and terrorist leaders provided the psychological shocks needed to deploy the science of controlled tension. Through multiple violent shocks, the path of the targeted people is steered in a particular direction. In a master work of intricate planning and preparation, the combined work of multiple psywar operators, running separate though connected operations, has produced a unique “symphony of terror” which is building to an anticipated ultra-violent climax, or “Final Movement.”

With such awesome capabilities to override, or preprogram human minds to carry out violent actions not of their will, one would be inclined to think that there is nothing standing in their way, no matter what violent road they choose to force us down next. If there were not some major glitches tripping them up, then there should be very little standing in the way of fulfilling American plans for south and Central Asia. If their power was truly beyond challenge then there would have been no need for the “reset” with Russia, unless that too was just another part of the secret plan that is beyond my understanding.

Should we take heart in the possibility that American behaviorists might be losing control of events in either Pakistan or Central Asia? Has their strategy of tension and chaos run-up against its own limitations in forcing these unwanted changes upon the minds of unconditioned Asians? One thing is certain, the political pressure that American psy-warriors have pumped-up there will not be made better by the sudden eviction of American forces from the area. The situation will explode there if people even suspect that the restraining force that is being exerted by American conflict managers is just taken away.

In the Central Asian hotspots, unnecessary American and Russian meddling have made the lives of millions highly unstable and unbearable, while setting in motion economic development projects that are driving everyone there to a point of decision. Multiple pressure cookers are on the verge of blowing there. In Pakistan and India, every conceivable point of conflict between the nuclear-armed enemies has been intentionally magnified by American covert forces far past the “point of no return,” which would have ignited the next Indo-Pakistani war in normal times. On the sub-continent, you can see the duplicitous American policies at work, where one hand agitates the opposing sides, while the other hand busily intervenes diplomatically and economically to restrain the impulse to war. American foreign policy is both “yin” and “yang” in one, giving and taking in unequal portions, in order to maintain an agitated state in its victims.

If this formula for perpetual tension is inadvertently allowed to cause an explosion in this nuclear arena, then it will be the greatest tragedy of our time and it will all be by our own doing, all according to careful design. American leaders have put selfish interests ahead of the well-being of one-fourth of the planet’s human population to set up this great game. The Mumbai attackers should be considered as a major element of this design, as should support for TTP militants in Balochistan or anywhere in Pakistan. The Mumbai attackers, as well as attacks by the TTP terrorists, are clearly state-sponsored acts of war by someone. In these examples, the source of the state terror is the same. Since that time, the sponsors of the attacks have kept the two sides from destroying each other. Peace between them can only be possible if the source of the destabilization that drives their passions is exposed, as a preliminary first step to removing the metastasizing Imperial cancer which undermines the souls of both nations.

The long-simmering feuds between Central Asian neighbors have been intensified according to American master design, partly by reigniting Soviet-era tensions. The Rogun Dam project is a good case in point. The revival of this long-abandoned project by Western investment centers, in an operation fronted by a Russian oligarch, has upset the dominoes which were carefully arranged by the original Soviet mind-meddlers. Oleg Deripaska is chief executive of Rusal the Russian aluminum monopoly and principle owner of TadAz aluminum refinery in Tajikistan. He has been working to get Western cash to pump-up interest in the long-dormant Soviet-era Rogun dam/hydroelectric project, in addition to financing a hostile takeover of Norilsk Nickel (SEE: Russian Financier Seeking US Help for Hostile Takeover of Norilsk Nickel).

The dam project harms Uzbek/Tajik relations and would create a major environmental disaster, depriving the rapidly disappearing Aral Sea of replacement water. In addition to this, the interruption of water flowing from Tajikistan to Uzbekistan and the Ferghana Valley will bring about the easily anticipated interruption of electricity transmission, flowing from Uzbek soil to its users in Tajikistan. The first Western pipelines have not even been built yet, but it is evident that the interstate flow or transmission of anything in this charged region is highly problematic.

The amazing part of this destabilization in Central Asia is that it is all taking place even though American military planners have determined that a Northern Distribution Network through this region is critical to the war in Afghanistan. It is as though CIA brainwashers and manipulators were on a completely different page from American military planners. That is the mind-numbing aspect of all of this: That Imperial planners seem to always lay-up obstacles to their own plans. It is impossible for a rational mind to understand a process such as this, where defeat of your own purposes is the solution which was originally sought. Somehow, defeat is victory.

Brave new logic or something beyond logic? Is this illogical reality (where every victory is a partial or total defeat) really the desired end product, or is it merely the best that power-mad men can do? Should we take comfort in knowing that every ambitious psychological plan carries with it the seeds of its own defeat? Is it reassuring to think that every ambitious plan made by dedicated evil men is sabotaged by secret actions taken by equally dedicated good men?

We can see the consistency of this pattern’s repetition throughout our history, where some outside force always intervenes “out of the blue” to screw-up the best laid plans, indicating that there are forces which operate outside our field of vision, which steer our movement towards a path of evolution, instead of towards our pre-determined path of human devolution. It suggests either a “higher power,” or the actions of ordinary humans who answer to a higher ideal. Perhaps the inevitable stumbling of the plotters can be summed up to no more than fulfillment of the adage about “good men” doing something to prevent the “triumph of evil.”

We seem to do everything backwards, taking preventive measures to avoid the pitfalls of our fears, which actually cause those fears to come about. Is that the mark of human ineptitude or does it credit someone for the perfect execution of a complex plan? I believe that the correct answer lies somewhere between those two possibilities; someone has been expertly executing a very complex plan for us, but it has been far from a perfect operation. I think that this part of the plan for world domination has run up against some impenetrable walls of human nature, that no amount of aggressive capitalist diplomacy could force itself through.

This is particularly true of our efforts in the terror war, allegedly being fought to avoid our latest worst fear, that of a worldwide Islamic “caliphate” taking away our American way of life. If this alleged “caliphate” presented a real threat to US national security, then we would take steps towards eliminating that threat, instead of creating the conditions which could allow that fear to come true.

We secretly acknowledge that the goal of American war on Pakistan is to empower a stable friendly government there and to secure their nukes from scary “Islamists,” but our actions there make such an outcome even more likely. Obama’s constant pushing against Pakistani leaders to force his will upon them will have a disastrous effect on all of his pipeline plans, yet he doubles Predator strikes and sends Special Forces across the border, nonetheless. The temporary closing of the border was just the beginning of the retaliation from Pakistan, which must come, if Pakistan is to survive the time bomb we have set in their heartland.

If Barack Obama is even half human he will correct what has been done and what is planned. I cannot begin to comprehend the illogic in exploding Pakistan just when we need her help the most in Afghanistan, but even a psychopathic personality that only mimics the logic of reasoning must understand the superior logic in changing our present course and treating Pakistanis like our most loyal allies and the rest of the people of the world as fellow human beings.

If is works out that the illogical solutions that are being forced upon us are being disrupted by some intervening power, possibly a force working for good, then should we see it as the intervention of a higher power, or is it just the expected outcome of an ideology of good men working against the triumph of evil? We are dealing with issues of Biblical prophetic proportions here, yet we continue to view them through the lens of petty political struggle. We have been beat down for so long that we don’t realize that the time has come for us all to look up. The dark despair that threatens to drown us all should be interpreted as a sign of hope, the deepest darkness that comes just before the dawn.

There truly is a time in the affairs of men when enormous profound changes are possible, if people of common will are willing to stand together as one. I know that we are in one of those pre-epochal moments in human history, at least in modern history. There are so many people in so many countries waiting to do the right thing for the family of man. They are a force for good that we can count upon to provide stability and sanity, when the people of the world step forward from the darkness and reclaim their lives from the gatherer of human souls.

The knowledge that good men will stand up and do the right thing in the end does not relieve the rest of us lesser mortals of the responsibility to act when it is our time. We must count ourselves on the side of good, as well, because our better destiny demands it of us. We are the good men who must stand up and be counted, placing our lives in the path of the triumphant evil.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Bosnia, and the US monster lurking in the shadows....

Bosnia, and the US monster lurking in the shadows....

Bosnia will never under any circumstances trust anyone named Izetbegovic again. The Muslims elected him because they have no other candidate and Muslims are the largest population in Bosnia today.

But they were burned the worst by this new president’s father, Alija Izetbegovic, their own Muslim leader in 1995 while the others are very weary of the name Izetbegovic as it represents an alliance with radical Islam and anti-Serbian and anti-Croat leanings and the alliance with the west because Izetbegovic played nice with team CIA, as needed.

Nobody in Bosnia will trust this leader because of who his father was – but they have no others and Bosnia is very corrupt, so they installed the next Izetbegovic, as if the last one wasn’t bad enough. We have to go back to a history lesson to understand this.

Bosnia to this day is divided into roughly 3 sides – Muslims, Bosnian and Herzegovina Croats and Bosnian Serbs. The animosities still run very deep – almost everyone has lost a relative or home in this war from the violence of one the other groups. It’s been less than 15 years since the killing stopped. It is quiet now but a lasting peace in the Balkans is as difficult to imagine as lasting forever peace in the Middle East. Bosnia is rugged and determined but also very fragile, always feels like there is a monster lurking in the shadows, ready to strike again at any time. They take it one day at a time. No other choice.

Bosnia’s economy is stagnant as a brackish swamp, rebuilding is steadily in progress but poverty paralyzes everything. There are no good jobs. I have an old friend from the war days in Sarajevo who mailed me a letter just recently on the back of used paper, explaining that paper still costs too much and is a scarce commodity to the little people who still live on thin air and buying paper instead of food is not possible yet. This is Bosnia today. Some things never change.

Uniting the 3 embittered groups is a monumental task, like getting Palestinians and Jews to co-exist in one country. But one thing is for sure: Nobody named Izetbegovic will accomplish this task. Not Alija Izetbegovic then, not his son Bakir now. In order to understand the newly elected president, Bakir Izetbegovic, it is important to know his father, Bosnia’s war president Alija Izetbegovic.

Alija Izetbegovic is a descendant of Bosnian Muslim nobility from the days of the Ottoman Empire invading Croatia in the 15th century, chopping off a piece, converting the Croat population to Islam which became the cradle of today’s Bosnian Muslim population – they are a mix of Croats and Turks and a legacy of Croatia losing a war to the Ottoman Empire. Izetbegovic is high nobility in that Ottoman-descended Bosnian Muslim culture.

Izetbegovic the first was a lawyer, scholar, first Muslim leader in WW II. Silenced and imprisoned by Tito for aggressive ethnic activism, he had no choice but shut up in the Tito years. After Tito in the 90s, he rose to power – and former Yugoslavia after the first division of the country was ruled by the trio of Milosevic in Serbia, Tudjman in Croatia and Izetbegovic in Bosnia.

Izetbegovic who claimed to be a dedicated Muslim leader professing to re-islamicize Bosnia was merely a veneer Muslim, an opportunistic political whore at heart – he was to Bosnian Muslims what Barry is to black Americans – a cardboard cutout traitor.

He sold his people down the river over and over again. He made a pact early on with Serbia’s Milosevic and Croatia’s Tudjman to carve up the country – Izetbegovic would get Bosnia. This was brokered by SMOM Knights of Malta in 1991. I know the Knight who organized it and was present quite well. Yugoslavia was divided and Bosnia betrayed long before the first shot was fired.

Izetbegovic got Bosnia and welcomed bin Laden. Izetbegovic personally gave bin Laden honorary Bosnian citizenship for his help in the war and to this day, there are bin Laden’s al CIAda cells in Sarajevo left over from those days. Bosnia was heavily attacked by Serbs ripping chunks of territory from it to the east. The Bosnian Muslim Ljiljani military could not keep up.

Bin Laden came to the country and ‘helped’ the Muslims. He was camped out permanently about 60 miles from me at the time in the north, building militias, bringing Iranians and various Arab nationals who led Bosnian Muslim forces under the auspices of Izetbegovic – and Bill Clinton also. Red Crescent, the Muslim Red Cross, became the pipeline for massive arms smuggling to the Muslim enclaves which were all centered around the north. I know all these folks. I did humanitarian relief and while I did real NGO do-gooder relief, everyone else around me was some type of intel or arms-smuggling operative, it is the nature of humanitarian relief in war zones.

It’s nonsense that the US did not know anything about it – the communication flowed, so did the supplies. I had contact with the Izetbegovic government in conjunction with humanitarian cargo to refugees, so did everyone, so did the US – with bin Laden in the fold with US consenting. The Company is a big happy family in combat zones.

The Serbian assault on Bosnia was still heavy as Milosevic controlled JNA, the People’s Army of Yugoslavia, the large federal military machine and Izetbegovic asked Clinton to intervene. Clinton allegedly agreed but said he needed a massacre in order to have justification for intervention.

It was known in intelligence circles at the time but since then seeped all over the internet since that the Srebrenica massacre was arranged for political reasons. Clinton allegedly said he needed at least 5,000 dead to justify intervention. Per rumblings in the intel community inside the country at the time, this was arranged by Holbrooke for Clinton per agreement with the Serbs and Muslim leader Izetbegovic and Queen Beatrix whose Dutchbat UNPROFOR troops controlled the sector where the town of Srebrenica is situated. Izetbegovic sold his own people for political gain and led them to slaughter.

The massacre took place per order. A total of 6,000 Muslim males were herded into the valley of Srebrenica and shot and buried in July of 1995. The women and children were all efficiently bused out to refugee camps – this alone is highly unusual. In a true large scale massacre, women and children are always raped and butchered, too, not evacuated to safety. I know. Because I come from the Balkans, the land of massacres where so much blood drenches the soil over and over again. Nobody evacuates the women and kids in a real massacre. That's a trip to Disneyland, not a real massacre. But Srebrenica was a massacre which had been ordered by the elites who run this planet, not a spontaneous one.

So it was done this way in a disciplined and organized fashion – two qualities we do not naturally possess in the Balkans on our own - and supervised bus evacuation of women and small kids done by Queen Beatrix' Dutchbat - who says the UN is not efficient, they know how to organize massacres splendidly.

Additionally, many local women who witnessed the massacre stated they saw Queen Beatrix present – the old Illuminati bat had apparently made a personal appearance to watch the mass murder to order of 6,000 civilians, so said the widows of Srebrenica who insisted they recognized the Queen. She was the commander of the Dutch troops who helped organize the Srebrenica massacre. And Illuminati have an appetite for lots of blood.

The local women witnesses were silenced by Soros’s Helsinki Committee, so were the Dutchbat troops who stated that their commanders watched the event on closed circuit cam from command posts and helped organize it and that the UNPROFOR Dutchbat was who organized busing out the women and kids while they herded the males into the valley for slaughter.

Soros and his human rights foundations were present everywhere, “investigating” war crimes. What they were doing, in fact, was gathering evidence, spinning it, manufacturing evidence to frame others which was later presented to the ICTY trials at the Hague Tribunal. As they did especially for the Srebrenica massacre.

Ratko Mladic was the Serb general who led the massacre. He is the last wanted big war criminal. They’ll never catch him. Because Mladic was their own operative, conducted the massacre on order of the global elites. So he remains nowhere to be found and always will be at large and will never be captured to testify at the Hague Tribunal. Those who could incriminate Clinton, Holbrooke and Beatrix will always be kept safe and never caught.

Clinton got his massacre and promptly sprang into action – the 1995 massacre in Srebrenica was immediately followed by the 1995 Oluja, a puppet war Clinton fought in the Balkans, the big war that never made the news in the US. Clinton organized arming and training of Croat forces of HV and HVO in Bosnia and Croatia and the US seized the moment of the 50th anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing when the world’s attention was fixed on that event, old drunk Yeltsin was conveniently in the hospital with a heart attack and too distracted to back the Serbs and the US swooped off a waiting carrier in the Mediterranean, US bombing all Serb positions, infrastructure, mobile missile launchers, bridges and communications in surgical strikes. Things were going boom all around us for a hot late summer weekend, I was in the country on the ground at the time and remember the heavy American air raid and constant bombardment well. Y'all got some big loud bombs.

And then the Pentagon directed the combined Croat HV/HVO forces to kick the Serbs out of Croatia and Bosnia. That was the mother of all ground battles, 250,000 Croats from 2 republics fighting 200,000 Serbs on the ground. You’d have to see this to understand what war is when half a million people are shooting heavy artillery at each other in a giant storm of combat at the same time. But tightly directed by the Pentagon, this only lasted 10 days and ended in the Serbs being chased back into Serbia. Y'all are focused about your wars, too.

Clinton put on his poker face, said he had nothing to do with it, and invited everyone to the Dayton Peace Accords – Izetbegovic, Tudjman and Milosevic and the Dayton Accords were created, Clinton celebrated as the broker of peace in the Balkans. Bosnia to this day is under the Dayton Accords.

The people of Bosnia know that Alija Izetbegovic betrayed his own Muslim people and surrendered them to the Srebrenica slaughter and that he did not act alone but the Western Elites were very much behind the political scheme. Alija Izetbegovic was their most articulate leader but worst traitor. He schmoozed with the west and had his own people slaughtered for political gain. He played footsie with bin Laden and got help from radical Islam. He played nice with everyone who elevated him to a higher status. And he made the Company happy when he needed to also. Something for everyone.

And his son in power now will be no different. Bosnia consists of clans and each generation is a continuation of the last. And Alija’s son being elected now is a continuation of the late Alija Izetbegovic himself. The Serbs see the name Izetbegovic as being synonymous with radical Islam and anti-Serbianism, something they want to stamp out. The Croats do not trust anybody by that last name either - they have their own shadow government and are more connected to the mobs in Croatia than the government in Bosnia anyway. The Herceg Croat mobs run the southern half of the country named Herzegovina, not Izetbegovic, no matter if he is president or not. The Muslims really don’t trust Izetbegovic either, but then they have nobody else and never did who looked out for their best interest.

But this Izetbegovic du jour is sure to perpetuate the old wounds of war just by virtue of his last name, a reminder of Bosnia’s most shameful chapter of betrayal of their own by one of their own, the father of today's newly elected president. And he, like his father, will likely play very nice with the Western Elites, a reason why he was “elected”, if we pretend to believe in fair elections in Bosnia.

The Empire will have a faithful servant. And the people of Bosnia will once again get screwed. Business as usual....