Monday, October 4, 2010

Bosnia, and the US monster lurking in the shadows....

Bosnia, and the US monster lurking in the shadows....

Bosnia will never under any circumstances trust anyone named Izetbegovic again. The Muslims elected him because they have no other candidate and Muslims are the largest population in Bosnia today.

But they were burned the worst by this new president’s father, Alija Izetbegovic, their own Muslim leader in 1995 while the others are very weary of the name Izetbegovic as it represents an alliance with radical Islam and anti-Serbian and anti-Croat leanings and the alliance with the west because Izetbegovic played nice with team CIA, as needed.

Nobody in Bosnia will trust this leader because of who his father was – but they have no others and Bosnia is very corrupt, so they installed the next Izetbegovic, as if the last one wasn’t bad enough. We have to go back to a history lesson to understand this.

Bosnia to this day is divided into roughly 3 sides – Muslims, Bosnian and Herzegovina Croats and Bosnian Serbs. The animosities still run very deep – almost everyone has lost a relative or home in this war from the violence of one the other groups. It’s been less than 15 years since the killing stopped. It is quiet now but a lasting peace in the Balkans is as difficult to imagine as lasting forever peace in the Middle East. Bosnia is rugged and determined but also very fragile, always feels like there is a monster lurking in the shadows, ready to strike again at any time. They take it one day at a time. No other choice.

Bosnia’s economy is stagnant as a brackish swamp, rebuilding is steadily in progress but poverty paralyzes everything. There are no good jobs. I have an old friend from the war days in Sarajevo who mailed me a letter just recently on the back of used paper, explaining that paper still costs too much and is a scarce commodity to the little people who still live on thin air and buying paper instead of food is not possible yet. This is Bosnia today. Some things never change.

Uniting the 3 embittered groups is a monumental task, like getting Palestinians and Jews to co-exist in one country. But one thing is for sure: Nobody named Izetbegovic will accomplish this task. Not Alija Izetbegovic then, not his son Bakir now. In order to understand the newly elected president, Bakir Izetbegovic, it is important to know his father, Bosnia’s war president Alija Izetbegovic.

Alija Izetbegovic is a descendant of Bosnian Muslim nobility from the days of the Ottoman Empire invading Croatia in the 15th century, chopping off a piece, converting the Croat population to Islam which became the cradle of today’s Bosnian Muslim population – they are a mix of Croats and Turks and a legacy of Croatia losing a war to the Ottoman Empire. Izetbegovic is high nobility in that Ottoman-descended Bosnian Muslim culture.

Izetbegovic the first was a lawyer, scholar, first Muslim leader in WW II. Silenced and imprisoned by Tito for aggressive ethnic activism, he had no choice but shut up in the Tito years. After Tito in the 90s, he rose to power – and former Yugoslavia after the first division of the country was ruled by the trio of Milosevic in Serbia, Tudjman in Croatia and Izetbegovic in Bosnia.

Izetbegovic who claimed to be a dedicated Muslim leader professing to re-islamicize Bosnia was merely a veneer Muslim, an opportunistic political whore at heart – he was to Bosnian Muslims what Barry is to black Americans – a cardboard cutout traitor.

He sold his people down the river over and over again. He made a pact early on with Serbia’s Milosevic and Croatia’s Tudjman to carve up the country – Izetbegovic would get Bosnia. This was brokered by SMOM Knights of Malta in 1991. I know the Knight who organized it and was present quite well. Yugoslavia was divided and Bosnia betrayed long before the first shot was fired.

Izetbegovic got Bosnia and welcomed bin Laden. Izetbegovic personally gave bin Laden honorary Bosnian citizenship for his help in the war and to this day, there are bin Laden’s al CIAda cells in Sarajevo left over from those days. Bosnia was heavily attacked by Serbs ripping chunks of territory from it to the east. The Bosnian Muslim Ljiljani military could not keep up.

Bin Laden came to the country and ‘helped’ the Muslims. He was camped out permanently about 60 miles from me at the time in the north, building militias, bringing Iranians and various Arab nationals who led Bosnian Muslim forces under the auspices of Izetbegovic – and Bill Clinton also. Red Crescent, the Muslim Red Cross, became the pipeline for massive arms smuggling to the Muslim enclaves which were all centered around the north. I know all these folks. I did humanitarian relief and while I did real NGO do-gooder relief, everyone else around me was some type of intel or arms-smuggling operative, it is the nature of humanitarian relief in war zones.

It’s nonsense that the US did not know anything about it – the communication flowed, so did the supplies. I had contact with the Izetbegovic government in conjunction with humanitarian cargo to refugees, so did everyone, so did the US – with bin Laden in the fold with US consenting. The Company is a big happy family in combat zones.

The Serbian assault on Bosnia was still heavy as Milosevic controlled JNA, the People’s Army of Yugoslavia, the large federal military machine and Izetbegovic asked Clinton to intervene. Clinton allegedly agreed but said he needed a massacre in order to have justification for intervention.

It was known in intelligence circles at the time but since then seeped all over the internet since that the Srebrenica massacre was arranged for political reasons. Clinton allegedly said he needed at least 5,000 dead to justify intervention. Per rumblings in the intel community inside the country at the time, this was arranged by Holbrooke for Clinton per agreement with the Serbs and Muslim leader Izetbegovic and Queen Beatrix whose Dutchbat UNPROFOR troops controlled the sector where the town of Srebrenica is situated. Izetbegovic sold his own people for political gain and led them to slaughter.

The massacre took place per order. A total of 6,000 Muslim males were herded into the valley of Srebrenica and shot and buried in July of 1995. The women and children were all efficiently bused out to refugee camps – this alone is highly unusual. In a true large scale massacre, women and children are always raped and butchered, too, not evacuated to safety. I know. Because I come from the Balkans, the land of massacres where so much blood drenches the soil over and over again. Nobody evacuates the women and kids in a real massacre. That's a trip to Disneyland, not a real massacre. But Srebrenica was a massacre which had been ordered by the elites who run this planet, not a spontaneous one.

So it was done this way in a disciplined and organized fashion – two qualities we do not naturally possess in the Balkans on our own - and supervised bus evacuation of women and small kids done by Queen Beatrix' Dutchbat - who says the UN is not efficient, they know how to organize massacres splendidly.

Additionally, many local women who witnessed the massacre stated they saw Queen Beatrix present – the old Illuminati bat had apparently made a personal appearance to watch the mass murder to order of 6,000 civilians, so said the widows of Srebrenica who insisted they recognized the Queen. She was the commander of the Dutch troops who helped organize the Srebrenica massacre. And Illuminati have an appetite for lots of blood.

The local women witnesses were silenced by Soros’s Helsinki Committee, so were the Dutchbat troops who stated that their commanders watched the event on closed circuit cam from command posts and helped organize it and that the UNPROFOR Dutchbat was who organized busing out the women and kids while they herded the males into the valley for slaughter.

Soros and his human rights foundations were present everywhere, “investigating” war crimes. What they were doing, in fact, was gathering evidence, spinning it, manufacturing evidence to frame others which was later presented to the ICTY trials at the Hague Tribunal. As they did especially for the Srebrenica massacre.

Ratko Mladic was the Serb general who led the massacre. He is the last wanted big war criminal. They’ll never catch him. Because Mladic was their own operative, conducted the massacre on order of the global elites. So he remains nowhere to be found and always will be at large and will never be captured to testify at the Hague Tribunal. Those who could incriminate Clinton, Holbrooke and Beatrix will always be kept safe and never caught.

Clinton got his massacre and promptly sprang into action – the 1995 massacre in Srebrenica was immediately followed by the 1995 Oluja, a puppet war Clinton fought in the Balkans, the big war that never made the news in the US. Clinton organized arming and training of Croat forces of HV and HVO in Bosnia and Croatia and the US seized the moment of the 50th anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing when the world’s attention was fixed on that event, old drunk Yeltsin was conveniently in the hospital with a heart attack and too distracted to back the Serbs and the US swooped off a waiting carrier in the Mediterranean, US bombing all Serb positions, infrastructure, mobile missile launchers, bridges and communications in surgical strikes. Things were going boom all around us for a hot late summer weekend, I was in the country on the ground at the time and remember the heavy American air raid and constant bombardment well. Y'all got some big loud bombs.

And then the Pentagon directed the combined Croat HV/HVO forces to kick the Serbs out of Croatia and Bosnia. That was the mother of all ground battles, 250,000 Croats from 2 republics fighting 200,000 Serbs on the ground. You’d have to see this to understand what war is when half a million people are shooting heavy artillery at each other in a giant storm of combat at the same time. But tightly directed by the Pentagon, this only lasted 10 days and ended in the Serbs being chased back into Serbia. Y'all are focused about your wars, too.

Clinton put on his poker face, said he had nothing to do with it, and invited everyone to the Dayton Peace Accords – Izetbegovic, Tudjman and Milosevic and the Dayton Accords were created, Clinton celebrated as the broker of peace in the Balkans. Bosnia to this day is under the Dayton Accords.

The people of Bosnia know that Alija Izetbegovic betrayed his own Muslim people and surrendered them to the Srebrenica slaughter and that he did not act alone but the Western Elites were very much behind the political scheme. Alija Izetbegovic was their most articulate leader but worst traitor. He schmoozed with the west and had his own people slaughtered for political gain. He played footsie with bin Laden and got help from radical Islam. He played nice with everyone who elevated him to a higher status. And he made the Company happy when he needed to also. Something for everyone.

And his son in power now will be no different. Bosnia consists of clans and each generation is a continuation of the last. And Alija’s son being elected now is a continuation of the late Alija Izetbegovic himself. The Serbs see the name Izetbegovic as being synonymous with radical Islam and anti-Serbianism, something they want to stamp out. The Croats do not trust anybody by that last name either - they have their own shadow government and are more connected to the mobs in Croatia than the government in Bosnia anyway. The Herceg Croat mobs run the southern half of the country named Herzegovina, not Izetbegovic, no matter if he is president or not. The Muslims really don’t trust Izetbegovic either, but then they have nobody else and never did who looked out for their best interest.

But this Izetbegovic du jour is sure to perpetuate the old wounds of war just by virtue of his last name, a reminder of Bosnia’s most shameful chapter of betrayal of their own by one of their own, the father of today's newly elected president. And he, like his father, will likely play very nice with the Western Elites, a reason why he was “elected”, if we pretend to believe in fair elections in Bosnia.

The Empire will have a faithful servant. And the people of Bosnia will once again get screwed. Business as usual....