Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Germany is veering right, from Joseph STRAUSS to Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg

Germany is veering right, from Joseph STRAUSS to Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg
"Al-CIAda" threat.... Al Qaeda is as real as the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny but it is the neocons' only weapon of fear....for Europe and the World...wherever convenient for CIA/MOSSAD/MI6/BND.....Our sources are accurate regarding CIA's participation in Sadat's assassinations, then we now have established a nefarious connection between William Casey, George H. W. Bush, the CIA/MOSSAD and Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, who later united with Osama bin Laden, becoming his right hand man and head of operations for Al-CIAda....
with important cells operating from Hamburg Germany and other cities....since 1998....

Mention the politician Strauss from Bavaria - I remember Strauss like all of y’all remember the Bush clan – I grew up in Germany west of the Berlin Wall after the first half of childhood spent in Tito’s Yugoslavia. Strauss was the Archangel/Godfather of the CSU party. And CSU is the hard-right viper bed where the likely future Merkel replacement, His Excellency von und zu Guttenberg comes from today. They are hard-core Bavarian Catholics in the Vatican-blind loyalty sense – yeah, the Pope as triage chaplain on the global battle fields, you got that right, KL - but that is a shift to out-of-the-closet unapologetic socially hard-core conservative politics with a NWO agenda in a greater sense – a worst-case-scenario right wing sellouts. Let’s all come out of the closet with the agendas, eh?


The current blueblood from the Guttenberg line – the youngster who is traded as the next Chancellor of Germany – is old royalty from that line which goes back older than the Frankfurt Amschel Mayer Rothschild lines – Bavaria and Gutenberg is the viper bed of the Central European Illuminati in the historic pre-Rothschild sense if you read up on it.

On the paradigm-MSM-mindfuck horizon, Der Spiegel and others in Germany proclaim to German sheeple that Germany has an appetite for old royalty and a taste for Obama adventurism – forgive them, they have not yet discovered Obama is passé, they are still seeking for the Hope-And-Change candidate of their own, thus the analogy – Barry the Messiah, or Barry the Has-Been is what they are after but things travel a little slower across the Atlantic sometimes. Guttenberg is traded as a hot commodity for that in an anticipated disastrous election loss in Baden-Wuerttemberg for Merkel next year which will give him advantage. If the global elites through their mouthpieces like Der Spiegel say so, believe it, they got the dollars and psy ops behind it to get this man elected and he is the New Prince, so they claim in Germany now.

What will it do? Hard right turn for German politics. Think Merkel and Sarkozy are right? Think again, you ain’t seen nothing yet till you see what CSU party out of Germany is and their current Prince. Merkel and Sarkozy are Neocon Lite in the same sense as McCain is one...Aaw, wait till you meet the charming CSU Illuminati prince von Guttenberg.... Now we are talking blazing out of the closet Hard Right coming out. I promise you the rise of the Viertes Reich if this man is elected...


Germany was overdue for it. After the war, they put on a forced Nuremberg-trial-induced repentant face and at the same time invited guest workers into the country – that’s how I got to Germany as a kid. They accepted us ‘farriners’ with gritted teeth. That’s how I grew up, a part of the German Multikulti experiment which was programmed to fail from its late-50s outset and declared as failed as of last week by Merkel. What is the conclusion and next step after the failure? The prince will likely deliver it to us.

Over the decades since WW II, Germany went through its democracy emancipation phases, discovered left radicalism and Rote Armee Fraktion and Baader-Meinhof and then in sequence, Joschka Fischer – I remember him as I was in my teens in Frankfurt where in the 70s at that time was busy throwing Molotov-cocktail at the Frankfurt Rothschild-owned banker establishments – I remember the riots and Molotov cocktails from actually having seen from a high-rise window in Frankfurt back then – Fischer, the brainy hard-left Che Guevara of Germany later became the foreign minister and most influential member of the Schroeder false left paradigm German regime – only to turn out to be an NWO whore, retread washed-out old rebel who sold his soul to the Zionist NWO establishment. I know a few of those. Actually, I once lived with one of the old Balkans far-left grenade-throwing rebels who is today one of the biggest Soros-owned whores high in the government of today’s Croatia. Shit happens and it ain’t always pretty. Old rebel souls tend to come up for sale at wholesale prices at the global auction these days as the global elites are calling for last stops. Whoredom is after all the oldest trade on the planet. So that much for Joschka Fischer also.

But Germany came out of its left paradigm, let the true brainy left die a sad and corrupt death all worn-out whores must die, and then, Germany next went Merkel and center-of-right NWO Neocon Lite. A right agenda clothed in female-leader format is easier to sell – remember that here, folks, and forget your Sarah-Palin-in-a-red-thong fantasies:)

And now this Neocon Lite is competing in the next elections with the hard unapologetic German right, gussied up to attractive format by a 39-year-old blue-blooded Prince named von Guttenberg. Germany was under post-WW II self-imposed antimilitaristic veneer for half a century out of pious guilt on a timer over the Holocaust and they are deciding – that’s enough now, time to step onto the global stage again. They are ready to discard their antimilitaristic history-induced non-warfare sense of guilt-schmilt and step out again – in openly right format, with an Illuminati at the helm, the German military Empire is back and raring to go to a new mission. That seems to be the mood.

And you have to understand the current anti-multikulti Merkel and Thilo Sarrazin crap in that light – grooming Germans toward enough xenophobic angst to elect the hard right and want to go out there again and kick some ass – whoever’s ass, Germany wants to be tough again. And the global elites are there, handing them a new Prince of Illuminati lines ready to go as next Chancellor off the assembly line of puppets. What a coincidence. And what even greater coincidence the CIA-flavored and NWO-themed publications like Der Spiegel are already selling him as the done-deal next Chancellor....if they say so, I don’t doubt it. Not the first time, a chancellor was constructed....Keep your eyes on this situation because it may mark a global shift of Germany as right-wing key player if the tea leaves fall where they are set to fall....
You have a good built-in Geiger counter for Euro-politics. Here is one of the early pieces in US media I can find on the Rising Right-Wing Euro-Royalty Prince. Europe MSM is already selling him as the done-deal next Chancellor to a half-receptive, half-reluctant public. But here is a US piece on him. Do pay attention. If elected, this guy will shift global politics to Germany as major flaming right-wing player with an old-world-dominant aristocratic Catholicism flavor. It took 6 decades of global low-key post-repentant Germany approach for them to rear their global-dominance heads again but the current German Phoenix rising from the post-WW II ashes is likely this chosen prince here. I don't have to draw you a picture of how that will shift world politics with Germany as active global NWO Empire key player. You are very good at assembling the far-flung pieces of info into a picture....
I just know Germany as well as the US, grew up 50% there and 50% Yugoslavia have been connected and constantly back to Germany for decades no, my other home, my other culture and native language, I live here and there with 1 foot in each culture.

The article above - this is a description of east Germany, small town, VERY TYPICAL of east and problems of east. Summary: Half a century of DDR East Germany behind Iron Curtain under Erich Honecker and Soviet-enforced communism and result was: The east became ignorant, uneducated and hateful.

Contributing factors: The east is mostly rural hillbilly and coal mine and outdated industrial wasteland country, sadly neglected x50 years of Russians sitting in it without providing reform or much education, lower education than west all along. After Holocaust, Russians simply put them behind the wall and did not educate them much. West was "denazified" in aggressive campaigns to deal with its past and thrived. The east sat behind the wall, stewed in hard-line Russian brand communism (MUCH worse than Yugoslavia, I visited East Germany across the Berlin Wall many times – whew! Communist DDR east Germany under Honecker was a hard-assed communist nightmare on the other side of that Berlin Wall and our Tito comparatively was Communism Lite while east Germany had Communism From Hell for decades, this is true). They were ignorant to begin with in the east – whaddaya expect from factory and Ruhrpott coal mine country and nothing else - as neglected uneducated rural areas go and they were Nazis under Hitler and nobody taught them any better after 1945 because the Russians who ran the place did not care to educate them and they as a result never got over WW II fascism and kept on hating everybody who was not them or their first cousin Karl-Heinz or looked less than Aryan.

Then Helmut Kohl came along, took down the Berlin Wall (contrary to popular belief, Ronnie Reagan didn't have a damn thing to do with it except the B actor Hollywood moment of "take down that wall, Mr. Gorbachev!" under the MSM Klieg lights of pompous fake history moments but Ronnie knew his lines and faked them all well - Theatrics, semantics, BS - the reality was - Helmut Kohl took down the wall, Ronnie took credit in front of a gullible US audience because nobody else bought into it but mainstream America.)

So this was the sad state of neglect east Germany was in when they tore down the Berlin Wall. And the large prosperous open-minded modern west discovered their hateful hillbilly cousins on the other side of the wall – shortly after the fall of the Wall, one of the common sayings in Germany after tearing down of the Berlin Wall was - put it back, this time much higher - when they discovered what it really looked like over there when the wall fell.

As we are melting down countries, Germany apparently will fall prey to ethnic battles - again. First they filled it with millions of foreigners. I like them a lot, I was one of them and like the others for the melting pot they are – what failed Multikulti, we’s doing jes’ fine and are integrated OK! I just came back from Germany. There are native Africans who grew up speaking only German – they are as German as African-Americans are American. It was a nice Multikulti mix in the far west near the French and Ben-Ne-Lux borders where I was just recently. The millions of Turks were fine, thousand headscarves per small town and all – no problems till Sarrazin opened his mouth. Local Germans were fine with it.

But not all Germans feel this way. The east wants to crucify them and go kill some foreigners ASAP - it is all the foreigner’s fault, you know, that the country is falling apart and economy melting down – (hmm, have we heard that before? Maybe the Latinos the right wing wants to crucify here? ) .

East Germany hits on granite – the neonazis there forget that foreigners like my parents have been in Germany for 45 years, paid the taxes and pensions that east Germans never worked for but just inherited by virtue of ethnicity when the Wall fell - the east did not contribute, the millions of foreigners in the west DID. But the east wants an ethnic advantage. The west elects Turkish polls with headscarves and says F you. See the clash?

Then come the global elites, play their game and stir up the pot which is again reaching a boiling point. West Germans are mellow and want no parts of the xenophobia - this is true. I am allergic to German xenophobia but the West is nice and mellow. The east would like a showdown against Turks, us inferiors from former Yugo and Africans - yesterday, if possible.

To this day, the “Ossi”-Land (nicknamed after “Osten” meaning east) east is underdeveloped, rural, poor and has all the ethnic hate problems. But now xenophobia is in political vogue again - like never before since 1945. They always wore some Springerstiefel on the other side of that comforting Berlin Wall and shaved their heads but now that Thilo Sarrazin wrote his book - plus simultaneously, the rising Bavarian Illuminati Prince von und zu Guttenberg is making it chic to be a flaming right-winger, they are letting it all hang out in the east now – they feel confirmed and validated by the political charade. Scary combo - Merkel crumbling and turning right from the right Neocon Lite position where her default setting was – mo’ right is mo’ betta is her pragmatic new motto now as the Prince plus the east are singing backup chorus. . The Fresh New Prince Guttenberg is pushing a far right agenda - and for the first time in 60 years of German official pacifist politics, he is openly pushing WARS. Af-Pak, any war is fine with him. Hard-core neocon, hard-right course. Prince Charming, Illuminati spawn. OUCH! So now she is more right, the Prince is all charm and smiles and pushing it far right and the yahoos in east Germany are dancing in celebratory joy - some scary crap, I tellya. I am watching for signs when I have to evacuate my parents before they lynch them for being foreigners after they lived and worked half a century in Germany....

Could not get worse. If this happens - as it likely will as the writing is on the wall and they are artificially building up the Prince Guttenberg - count Germany into the US/UK game of brutal ruthless imperialistic Empire-building as early as 2011 – global political pole shift coming out of Germany, folks....



Here is the other side of the puzzle - continued from last tread - top story German news today is Reuters in German language - interesting because Reuters is owned by the Rothschilds, so this story today being planted in front of Germans in their own language as #1 news item this morning says a lot as to who is driving this agenda - our global elites are busy with their smoke and mirrors again.

Today's top story in Germany - the REDUCTION of the German military from 250,000 to 180,000 soldiers, reduction in Defense Ministry Germany, etc.

And a Prince von und zu Guttenberg declaring it the sensible thing to do due to budget cuts - they are pretending this is an extension of austerity measures all the way to the defense budget.

So this thing is being presented to the German public in very misleading format via German MSM - reassurance that Germany will reduce and fight fewer wars. While in the background the mil-industry Germany plus Guttenberg are meeting and planning a giant new German Blackwater-like force. So Germany is reducing its formal defense force, pretending it is making a 180 away from wars - while entering the global invisible merc business in a major way via this neocon conspiracy in Germany brewing right now. Mercs are largely invisible to the public - we know they exist but not what they do or where. And Germany seems to be becoming a major covert new player in the global scheme of things, the way this looks.