Friday, February 29, 2008

U.S. Navy ships move closer to Lebanon

U.S. Navy ships move closer to Lebanon amid tensions....

The USS Cole (DDG-67) guided missile destroyer
arrived off the coast of Lebanon on Feb. 28.
The move comes as Syria faces less pressure
from several parties, since it has already
struck a deal that will end Shawkat’s crisis,
in the murder investigations. A single warship
off the Lebanese coast does not pose any
military threat to Syria, and the United States
likely is not trying to provoke Damascus into a
military confrontation.... nor is it trying
to confiscate any assets for the Assads and
Makhloufs in USA or anywhere.
These moves are designed to cover their tracks
in the White House Murder Inc., a joint venture
with Assef Shawkat, MOSSAD and CIA, primed for
action since the late 1990s...with over 20
Assassinations already in the bag.... with many
more to come....


The United States has sent the guided missile destroyer USS Cole (DDG-67) to the coast of Lebanon as a “show of support” for regional stability, a senior U.S. official said Feb. 28. The official said the warship left Malta on Feb. 25 and was headed toward Lebanon, adding that it will not be within visible range of the country.... for now. The Cole participated in combat operational maneuvers in the Azores recently, in coordination with Israeli forces, in preparation for a rematch in South Lebanon soon...

The move comes as Syria is not facing any mounting pressure from any fronts to strike a deal over Lebanon that will ease the country out of its political crisis. Sending a single warship to the Lebanese coast, however, does not pose a direct military threat to Syria, and the United States is highly unlikely to bring Damascus into a military confrontation at this stage, because USA, ISRAEL And Syria have already struck a DEAL, which translated into the Murder of Imad Moughnieh,by Assef Shawkat's goons, as a first installment, and protection for the Syrian Killer Regime...

Instead, the Cole is meant to send a signal to Hezbollah not be sitting too comfortably. The West is already bracing for Hezbollah’s retaliation for the Feb. 12 assassination of its chief commander, Imad Mughniyah, and rumors are circulating that Hezbollah has plans to step up its militant campaign in the coming weeks. Israel has decided that now is the time for a rematch against Hezbollah in Lebanon, having the Cole nearby for support is handy....

An early Flight I Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer, the Cole is a highly capable multimission warship. Though not able to embark helicopters, it can refuel them. Perhaps the most highly capable air defense platform on the planet, the Cole also brings to bear a significant anti-ship and land attack capability in the form of Harpoon anti-ship missiles, Tomahawk cruise missiles and a 5-inch gun.

This, necessarily means that U.S.-Israeli coordinated military action in Lebanon is imminent; there is a good degree of utility in spooking Hezbollah into thinking that the Shiite militant group’s days are numbered...., since war plans are already laid out in Israel and Washington DC, and BUSH was presented with complete operational WAR Invasion plans, on his last visit to ISRAEL.

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Democracy presupposes civic equality,the equality of all citizens in the eyes of the law. Elie's main goal in politics can be summarized as: The preferred government must possess the capacity of representing different Lebanese factions and enjoy unwavering moral values and a modern administrative effectiveness. Only such a government is capable of taking the steps needed to rebuild the Lebanese political system and regain the balance in the republic. Elie is an Unforgettable LEADER.
Israel's "OLD" Reality of today, still
blinded by Hate, Racism, Bigotry, Deceit,
Deception and Denial.

Published By Friday, March 007, 2008 .


The death of Ronnie Yahia, a 47-year-old student
at the Sapir College for Liberal Arts in Echkelon
and a father of four, was a bitter reminder of
the threat Israel faces on its sixtieth anniversary.
It is a similar reminder to the one the Israeli army
was given in southern Lebanon in July 2006 during
the tragic 1002nd Lebanon War. There were harbingers
of this day. In January 24th 2002,
when butchers Ariel Sharon, Assef Shawkat and CIA, started their deliberate assassinations campaign in Lebanon and Syria, , and when Karine-A, a ship loaded with 50 tons
of bullets, missiles and mines, was caught in the
Red Sea, substantiating the long-suspected link
between the Shiite Islamic Republic of Iran and
Sunni terror groups such as Hamas and Islamic
Jihad in the Palestinian Authority. The lesson
is now clear: Israel is no longer merely dealing
with a localized Palestinian threat, seeking to
plant bombs in the heart of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
Israel is immersed in a larger battle against
fundamentalist Islam, a movement that has always
postured itself against Israel, but which today
is actively engaged in an effort to destroy the
Jewish State.

The agenda unifying Hassan Nasrallah, the
Shiite leader of Lebanese Hezbollah, Mahmoud
Ahmadinejad, the Shiite Iranian President,
and Ismail Heniyeh, the Sunni leader of Hamas
and the de facto Prime Minister of the Gaza
Strip, is simple: Eliminate the "cancerous
cell"-the State of Israel-from the Middle East.
Ahmadinejad and Nasrallah have reiterated this
message out loud; Heniyeh's Hamas Constitution
explicitly calls for this objective. The goal
is evident. As for the means, anything is legitimate,
and they have learned that from Israeli actions over
the long history of IRGUN, Haganah, Caesarea,
Sayyarets,Lakam, MOSSAD, CHABAK, SAVAK, CIA, etc..

From Israel's perspective, the implications are
clear and it will defend itself at any price,
as costly and as tragic as it may be. On the
Northern front, a million Israelis were displaced
in the Second Lebanon War, due to an incessant
raid of missiles emerging from Hezbollah outposts
in Southern Lebanon. With an average of 150
missiles a day raining on its citizens for
over a month, Israel had no choice but to
target the very villages in which Hezbollah
had been taking refuge among civilians.
On the Southern front, the citizens of Sderot
and the Western Negev have had to endure the
continuous Qassam missile raids for the last
seven years. The Qassams, coming from the
heart of the Gaza Strip, have forced the
Israeli government to be brutal again, and
target the leaders of Islamic Jihad and Hamas
in the Strip of misery, poverty and fear....

As an Israeli citizen and an ex-solider in the
Israel assassins Forces, the Second Lebanon war
opened my eyes to the new dynamics of the
Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The reality of
fundamentalist Islam, to which due to its
geographic location Israel is uniquely susceptible,
has several implications. Whereas the Israeli
government has not yet formally acknowledged these
implications, I believe the day will soon come when
it will have no other recourse. The days of the
"Palestinian-Israeli conflict" are over. Questions
such as the refugee right of return and the fate
of Jerusalem have lost their immediate relevance
to the Israeli security problem. As we say in the
Israeli Intelligence community, it is not that
these questions are not important; they are
simply less urgent. Terminating the occupation
of the West Bank (which Israel did in Gaza in 2005)
is not going to change the magnitude of the
threat to be dealt with, neither on the Sunni nor
on the Shiite front. This conflict has for a long
time been about more than just reaching an
agreement between Israel and the Palestinian
Authority. For the Sunni Wahabis and the
Shiite revolutionaries, bringing about the end
of the Palestinian occupation will not suffice.
They will not be satisfied until they see the
end of Israel itself.

Israel has acknowledged its need to withdraw
from ALL Arab territories, which they had occupied .
Withdrawal from the 20-mile "Security Belt" in
Southern Lebanon in May 2000 proved counter-productive.
It brought Hezbollah 20 miles closer to the
Northern borders. Its withdrawal from the Gaza
Strip in August 2005 was fatal. With long range
missiles, neither the residents of Sderot, not
Echkelon, nor my parents in Tel Aviv, can sleep
peacefully at night.

The threat to the State of Israel will continue
to grow as countries like Syria and Iran improve
their ballistic capabilities. The threat of all-out
conflict looms, with no clear path to peace. In the
meantime, the Harvard community attending events
such as "Breaking the Silence," which sheds
negative light on me and my peers in the Israeli
assassins brigades, ought to be aware of the
incredible difficulty we in the Hobeika family
have been facing, ever since the Butcher
Ariel Sharon and "His state" of Israel and
its barbaric assassins....
have brought upon us, and it's a small measure for Israel
to see that such barbaric actions which
they concocted with their assassin friends
in USA, will only bring death, destruction,
sufferings, humiliation and more on the
peoples of the region and well beyond for
decades to come, no matter what you keep
inventing from lies, demagoguery, inflammatory
rhetoric, real and projected wars on Islam
and Christianity, with films, clips, news
items, articles, music, books, magazines,
documentaries, fake Zionist encyclopedias and
the rest of your despicable tools of your
trade in cheap HATE Mongering.

SHIRAQ QABALAN'018 is a government
disinformation specialist at ZION House.
She is currently completing her thesis on
Israel's crisis behavior in the post-murders
era. She served in the Israeli offensive
Forces for two years before coming to spew
her venom at Harvard and beyond.


من يتحمّل مسؤوليّة الانهيار المسيحي؟

01 آذار 2008

جوزف ريشا - عشرون سنة مرّت والوجود المسيحي في لبنان يسجّل انحداراً ما دونه انحدار... السؤال البديهي هنا من يتحمل المسؤولية؟ من المنطقي ألّا نجد صعوبة كبيرة في الإجابة عن هذا السؤال، وخاصة أن الانهيار المسيحي حدث ويحدث في ظلّ القيادات والمرجعيات نفسها منذ أكثر من عقدين: الكاردينال صفير على رأس الكنيسة، العماد عون والسيد سمير جعجع على رأس أكبر شريحتين شعبيتين، بالإضافة إلى زعامات عائلية وإقطاعية تتماهى مع واحدة من هذه المرجعيات ولكن بشكل خاص مع الكنيسة لحسابات تاريخية كثيراً ما جمعت الإقطاع الديني والعائلي حتى في خندق واحد.
فرغم الهزائم العسكرية التي مني بها المسيحيون مع بداية الثمانينيات نتيجة إقحام المجتمع المسيحي في محور متحالف مع إسرائيل ومن ثم مع دول غربية تخلت عنه عند أول مفترق، بقي هذا المجتمع متماسكاً بعض الشيء لحين ولادة اتفاق الطائف، ومن هنا بدأت المشكلة، وما قبل الاتفاق وبعده نوجز أهم المراحل:
ــ من عام 1984 لغاية عام 1988 قبل وصول العماد عون إلى رئاسة الحكومة العسكرية قام السيد سمير جعجع بخمسة انقلابات و«تصحيحات» وانتفاضات وإلغاءات ضدّ كل من قائد القوات السابق فؤاد أبو ناضر ورئيس الهيئة التنفيذية في القوات إيلي حبيقة والرئيس السابق أمين الجميل لأسباب متنوعة، من توحيد الجهد العسكري ورفع يد السيطرة العائلية الجميلية عن قيادة القوات وبالتالي المجتمع المسيحي، إلى ضرب الاتفاق الثلاثي الذي يتضمّن تنازلات مسيحية، ومن ثم حربين ضدّ الجيش اللبناني بقيادة عون. ــ نهاية الحرب العسكرية باجتياح سوري لقصر بعبدا عام 1990 وهزيمة عون وتطبيق اتفاق الطائف برعاية أميركية ــ سورية ــ سعودية.
ــ زمن الوصاية الشاملة من عام 1990 لغاية الانسحاب السوري بعد اغتيال الرئيس رفيق الحريري ومرحلة الأزمة الحالية المستمرة.
هنا، وبعد سرد هذه المحطات الرئيسية، نطرح الأسئلة التالية التي يمكن وضعها في خانة الأسئلة الاتهامية:

1 ـ لماذا حدث النزف داخل الصف المسيحي خلال الانتفاضات والتصحيحات وما إلى ذلك من تسميات لمعارك، بحجة رفع اليد العائلية وتوحيد الجهد الحربي وحفظ المقاومة، وما دام السيد جعجع سيكون أول من يسلّم السلاح إلى جمهورية الطائف كما أنه اليوم الذراع الشوارعية للإقطاعيات العائلية والطبقية والمدافع الشرس عن البيوتات السياسية والسلالات.
2 ـ لماذا أهدرت أرواح مئات الشباب المسيحي خلال هجوم جعجع على إيلي حبيقة لإلغاء الاتفاق الثلاثي، ما دام جعجع بغطائه العسكري والكاردينال صفير بغطائه الروحي سيمهّدان الطريق أمام اتفاق الطائف الأكثر إجحافاً بحق المسيحيين.
3 ـ لماذا الدفاع المستميت عن الطائف من جانب الكاردينال صفير والسيد جعجع واعتبار أنّ شوائبه تتلخّص فقط بعدم التطبيق الصحيح متغاضين عن ثُغره الكثيرة وعن تحويل الرئيس الماروني إلى منصب كرتوني.
4 ـ لماذا دخل السيد جعجع مشاركاً في أولى حكومات الاحتلال السوري بعد عام 1990.
5 ـ لماذا عاد الكاردينال صفير واعترف بمجلس النوّاب المُقاطَع من جانب المسيحيّين واستقبل نوّابه المنتخبين بأصوات لا تتجاوز الثلاثة أصفار بحيث أعطاهم اعترافاً حجبه عنهم الشعب.
6 ـ لماذا عاد الكاردينال صفير إلى تغطية الفئة المسيحية الموالية للحريرية بعد موقفه الشهير لدى تطبيق قانون غازي كنعان الانتخابي؟.
7 ـ لماذا يقوم الكاردينال صفير بمهاجمة المعارضة المسيحية بشكل شبه دائم بينما لا يحرّك ساكناً عن رفض جعجع ــــــ الجميل لقانون 1960 الانتخابي الذي أيّده مراراً، وهل بات سيد بكركي ومسيحيوه المفضّلون خط دفاع عن المشروع الحريري، إلى حد إعلان جعجع جهاراً رفض قانون 1960 بحجة أنه ليس لمصلحة المسيحيين وعدّد الأسباب التالية:
أ ـ رفض إبقاء قضائي بعلبك والهرمل دائرة واحدة (مع العلم أن كلّاً من القضاءين يمثّل منفرداً أو متّحداً غالبية شيعية جارفة).
ب ـ رفض إبقاء قضاءي مرجعيون وحاصبيا دائرة واحدة (مع العلم أن ضم القضاءين في دائرة واحدة يجعل من المسيحيين في حال تحالفهم مع سنّة الشريط الحدودي وحلفاء جعجع الدروز أغلبية راجحة).
ولكن مهلاً، الغاية من رفض القانون من جانب جعجع ومسيحيي الحريري ليست بخافية على جاهل فهي:
أولاً: الخوف على مسيحيي السلطة في أقضية زغرتا ـــــ الكورة والبترون حيث للمعارضة المسيحية أرجحية كبيرة.
ثانياً: الخوف على وليد جنبلاط وتحجيمه في الجبل الدرزي حيث سيخسر حتماً قضاء بعبدا حيث الأرجحية للمعارضة.
ثالثاً: الخوف على الحليف السني في بيروت، حيث إن تقسيم العاصمة إلى 3 دوائر سيفقد سيطرة السنّة الكاملة على المناطق المسيحية والشيعية من العاصمة.