Saturday, April 30, 2011

It is Obama who is using the race card and he should be called out on it....

It is Obama who is using the race card and he should be called out on it....

April 30 - May 1, 2011 -- Commentary: Obama and race baiting

Many Americans would agree that racism has no place in American political discourse. However, the noise from Barack Obama's pathetic cheerleaders and lickspittles and popinjays, all political hacks who parrot the White House, Democratic National Committee, and DNC affiliates' lines that any investigation of Obama or his family's background amounts to racism, is laughable.

While few would argue that Donald Trump is a shameless self-promoter and egomaniac, equally outrageous are the racism claims from real life versions of "Max Headroom" -- Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O'Donnell, Chris Matthews, Anderson Cooper, Piers Morgan, Thom Hartmann, and the rest of the Obama peanut gallery -- who claim that to raise any issue about Obama's past is patent racism. News to all these corporate promoters of Obama: racism charges by Obama's gang amounts to blatant ignorance of serious academic and journalistic research of Obama and his family's history.

And Obama, himself, has engaged in racist tactics in answering his critics. Obama and his wife appeared on Oprah Winfrey's Chicago-based show to decry those who question his past as a "sideshow" and "carnival barkers." It is clear what demographic Obama was trying to stir up. Ratings show that daytime broadcast television is largely viewed by stay-at-home mothers: white, Hispanic, and African-American. However, the Oprah show attracts a majority of at-home African-American women. Furthermore, Oprah has been a long-time promoter of Obama since his days in Chicago and Illinois politics. Not even Larry King could come up with questions for Obama that were more softball in nature.

Obama had the opportunity to put to rest the controversy arising from his short-form Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth. He did not. The politically-correct race designation of "African" vice "Negro" was carried over from the short to long form certificate. Barack Obama, Sr. could have told the Honolulu registrar of birth that he was a "Martian" in 1961, but his race would have still been listed under the official Department of Health, Education, and Welfare and U.S. Census Bureau designation as "Negro," not "African." The continued term on the long-form certificate indicates that both short and long form documents are patent forgeries.

For those forgers who decided that "Negro" was too racist to include on Obama's certificates of live birth, it should be pointed out that in 1967, Dr. Martin Luther King said the following: "Discrimination is a hellhound that gnaws at Negroes in every waking moment of their lives to remind them that the lie of their inferiority is accepted as truth in the society dominating them." In his autobiography, Malcolm X wrote, "The American Negro never can be blamed for his racial animosities -- he is only reacting to 400 years of the conscious racism of the American whites."

Several individuals, including this editor, do not doubt that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. However, Obama's time in Indonesia where he was adopted by Indonesian national Lolo Soetoro and was known as "Barry Soetoro" is where the questions begin on Obama's eligibility to hold the office of President. If Obama had obtained Indonesian citizenship, obtained an Indonesian passport, entered Occidental College as an Indonesian national on a scholarship reserved for foreign students, obtained a British passport on the account of Barack Obama, Sr.'s British Commonwealth citizenship, Obama, whether or not he was operating as a Central Intelligence Agency asset or agent, is not constitutionally eligible to be the President of the United States. It is the Constitution of the United States that determines who may serve as President, not Donald Trump, white racists, Tea Party activists, Obama's political snake oil salesmen, or anyone else. If dual nationality now permits someone to serve as President, what does that portend for the future? There are a number of U.S. politicians who are eligible for and may hold foreign citizenship. Dual U.S.-Israelis serve as a case in point.

It is being reported that notes from 1968 point to Robert F. Kennedy's convicted assassin, Sirhan Sirhan, being led into the Ambassador Hotel on that fateful June 1968 Democratic primary night by a mysterious woman wearing a polka-dot dress. Sirhan and his lawyer claim that the woman was a controller of some nature. In the years subsequent to Bobby Kennedy's assassination, the CIA's MK-ULTRA mind control and targeted assassination program has been revealed in declassified documents. 1968 was the year after Stanley Ann Dunham, who appears to be just as mysterious as the polka-dot dress clad woman in the Ambassador Hotel, took Barack Obama, Jr. to Indonesia, where the CIA and Lolo Soetoro's Indonesian army were mopping up opponents to the 1965 anti-Communist coup by targeting them for assassination. Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro's "field anthropology" work in Java appears to have been a part of the CIA's use of anthropologists for covert operations, anthropology activities exposed and condemned in the Dr. Ralph Beals report that was commissioned by the American Anthropological Association and published in 1968.

The 1960s were the heyday of the CIA's top secret mind control operations and CIA Director Richard Helms referred to the University of Hawaii in a 1971 memo as one of Langley's long-standing top five universities for the CIA's "behavioral science" program. Not only do the paths of Stanley Ann Dunham, Barack Obama, Sr., and Lolo Soetori crisscross at the University of Hawaii, but so does that of Stanley Armour Dunham, Obama's grandfather. After all, it was Mr. Dunham who welcomed Barack Sr. to Honolulu airport as part of the CIA's Airlift Africa program to train young Africans to be future CIA-controlled leaders in newly-independent African states like Kenya, which became independent of Britain in 1963.

It is the fact that Stanley Ann Dunham may have been a virtual CIA "baby machine" and that Barack Obama, Sr. may not even be President Obama's father that is also at the center of the Obama controversy, minus the conventional birth certificate debate. As a young woman, Ann Dunham seemed to have such a penchant for having babies with Third World nationals like Obama, Sr. and Soetoro, there is the potential that MK-ULTRA or an affiliated CIA program was seriously at play. Informed WMR sources have also pointed to the fact that young Ann accompanied her father on a CIA mission to Cuba in 1960 and that Obama's father may have been an Afro-Cuban she met during the trip. We'll never know where Ann Dunham was prior to 1968 -- her passport records prior to that year were "inadvertently" destroyed by the State Department.

Hawaii Republican state senator Sam Slom has indicated that Obama was, indeed, born in Honolulu but questions who Obama's father is. The birth certificate controversy is a side issue. The answers to Obama are found in his, his mother's, and his maternal grandparent's employment history, security clearances held, passport records, Obama Jr.'s Connecticut-issued Social Security Number, Occidental College financial aid files, and Occidental and Columbia University academic records. The CIA is likely manufacturing more forgeries that will be released as we approach the 2012 presidential election and the Obama cheerleaders in the corporate media will praise them as "transparent" and "authentic."

The fact that an only child like Ann Dunham would have more Third World penises inserted in her than a urinal at the United Nations Delegate's Lounge should raise eyebrows, especially considering her father's relationship with the CIA and her own later relationship with the CIA through her employment with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Ford Foundation.

Barack Obama, Jr. is a political chimera who uses his race and his religious history to his (and likely, the CIA's) advantage. At Occidental in Los Angeles, Obama rattled off Marxist dogma, thus ingratiating to some, but not all, Marxists and leftists on campus. Some Marxists considered Obama too doctrinaire, and like Lee Harvey Oswald's pro-Castro rhetoric in New Orleans, was not fully trusted by those he claimed to have political affinity. At his post-Columbia employer, the CIA front company Business International Corporation, Obama was aloof and cool, being more "white" than "black" and totally immersing himself into the corporate expensive business suit culture a block from United Nations headquarters. After arriving in south Chicago, Barry Obama was the hip African-American trying to amass as much intelligence as he could on the foreign (including Libyan) connections of the El Rukn gang, New Black Panther Party, and Nation of Islam centered in the blighted neighborhood. While in Indonesia and Pakistan in the early 1980s, it was Barry Soetoro, the dark-skinned guy with the Indonesian last name and Muslim school education in Jakarta who re-established links with his old pals from Jakarta and Pakistani students from Occidental. As an Illinois politician, it was Barack Obama, Jr., the son of a white mother and Kenyan father who stressed his African-American roots. At the onset of his presidency, it was Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., who stressed his Muslim links through his alleged Kenyan father and Indonesian step-father Lolo Soetoro, who reached out to the Arab and Muslim worlds in heralded speeches in Cairo and Istanbul.

After eight disastrous years of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. and his multi-cultural, multi-religious, bi-racial, and international background was viewed as a prescription to cure America of policies implemented during its sharp turn toward fascism at home and imperialism abroad. However, Obama and his continued support for neo-conservative policies shows him to have been a mere placebo designed to hoodwink the American people and people around the globe.

President Obama calls those who want a full accounting of his and his family's background "side show" acts and "carnival barkers" to an audience of fawning Oprah Winfrey fans. That does not represent racism to Obama's cheerleaders? Obama staffers, schooled in the thuggish politics of Chicago, threaten this editor, the San Francisco Chronicle, Larry Sinclair and anyone else who criticizes Obama proving that Obama, just like Richard Nixon, does not hesitate to browbeat those who delve into his chicanery.


Wayne Madsen is the editor of and the author of a forthcoming book on Obama's and his family's ties to the Central Intelligence Agency....