Saturday, October 17, 2009

The true meaning of life.

The true meaning of life.

"Any changes you want to make in yourself and your outer world have to come about through inner restraint. The moment you change your mindset by reining in behaviors, the world will change around you. The world is a mirror.

Impatience is an automatic obstacle that manifests before you at the intensity of your impatience.

It’s in the simple things that we do in every moment that brings success or failure. It is in our relationships with those around us; our daily chores, the thoughts and emotions that we entertain where we display our readiness to be advanced in understanding.

Harmony is what you want. If you are lacking these you want to get them first.

A wise soul does not project their limitations upon the divine or ascribe human characteristics to it. This is anthropomorphism and this is how you get people who commit all manner of crimes in the name of god because their god is just a bigger version of themselves. This is true ass backwardness. Don’t do this.

Impress upon yourself the fundamental awareness of your own ignorance and helplessness and work toward a complete and utter inner surrender to that which is- and always will be- beyond your comprehension. Only god can know god.

Where is god? God is in everything. We live in a world of brutal, selfish and impatient lovers. A true master, in concert with the one, can make a simple gesture and transfer more in the way of lasting satisfaction than any act of physical intercourse you will ever engage in.

We need to investigate the subtle dishonesties of our selfish nature. We hide a lot of this from ourselves because it compromises our assumptions about ourselves.

Cultivate a love affair for the divine. Pine and long for the divine. Speak to the divine as a lover and you might be very surprised how quickly you get results you were not getting before. Abandon your anthropomorphic projections, while still maintaining the understanding that the divine is present in everything and everyone. God actually looks at you through the eyes of others and often speaks to you through others but you are not hearing the divine. This is the greatest curse of materialism. It trivializes something that is beautiful beyond human understanding. Every human activity has divine implications but we have ‘earthed’ them to serve our appetites and desires.

We become like that which we love and admire. “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. People may think they are going to win by doing it their way and the world gives the impression that they are winning but they are eating sand for breakfast."