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US "Soft Power" at Work..., Tunisia was a CIA practice run for Egypt?

US "Soft Power" at Work..., Tunisia was a CIA practice run for Egypt?

Egypt is going to be much more difficult to control...., then it's Algeria,
Syria, Morocco, Jordan, Saudi Arabia... then IRAN again and Again...
Freedom House, NED, Soros/CIA NGO's, MOSSAD, MI6 convoluted Color Revolutions...?

معلومات جاءت على لسان ناشطة مصرية على موقع فيسبوك أطلق عليها المحاورون اسم شيماء وتم التعتيم على ملامحها حيث أكدت أنها تلقت تدريبات على يد أخصائيين من إسرائيل والولايات المتحدة الأمريكية لقلب نظام الحكم في مصر وبتمويل من منظمة فريدوم هاوس التي يقع مقرها في واشنطن. وأكدت "شيماء" أنها تلقت مع زملائها تدريبات وكانت تحصل على راتب يومي يقدر بخمسين دولاراً أمريكياً إبان التدريب ناهيك عن مبلغ دولار أمريكي عند العودة إلى مصر ... وعبرت عن خوفها على حياتها لأنها كشفت زملاءها فى حركة شباب 6 أبريل وفضحت أجندتهم وتطلعاتهم فى تخريب البلد مؤكدة أن ما يحدث فى ميدان التحرير وحدث من قبل في كنيسة القديسين بالإسكندرية هو مخطط يهودي إسرائيلي يهدف لتدمير البلاد

1. The USA has secretly backed the rebel leaders behind the Egyptian uprising, according to the UK's leading newspaper, The Telegraph, on 29 January 2011.

"The American government secretly backed leading figures behind the Egyptian uprising who have been planning 'regime change' for the past three years, The Daily Telegraph has learned.

2. On 11 November 2010,
Israel told its citizens to leave Egypt.

That was before the trouble erupted in Tunisia.

3. On 28th January 2011,
Mubarak said the protests were part of a plot to destabilize Egypt.

4. Where has Egyptian army chief of staff General Sami Enan been during the riots?

He has been meeting U.S. defense officials in Washington. (
Mubarak said the protests were part of a plot to destabilize Egypt.)

Egypt says the Muslim Brotherhood is plotting against it, - Israel News, Ynetnews

The Egyptian government sponsored daily al-Ahram reported on 29 January 2011 that the spy cell recently discovered in the country was in cahoots with the CIA's Muslim Brotherhood.

6. On June 2010 we learnt of the
alleged Israeli Nile water plot.

Israel wants the waters of the Nile and the Lebanon.
In 1967 Israeli intelligence decided to attack the USS Liberty, and blame Egypt. By the end of the 1967 war, Israel had seized the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt, the West Bank and East Jerusalem from Jordan, and the Golan Heights from Syria. (Thy Weapon of War: The 1967 Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty ...)

It looks like the USA decided to dump MUBARAK some time ago....

The Foreign Policy Research Institute is a US think tank associated with people such as Henry Kissinger, Dov Zakheim and Daniel Pipes.

In 2009, it gave us an insight into US thinking on Egypt.

At FPRI, Trudy Kuehner wrote:
The U.S. and Egypt Since the Suez Crisis - FPRI

Some quotes:

"There is a sense that the relationship has run its course...

"Its foundations are either weak or obsolete.

"The Egyptian-Israeli peace is cold...

"The U.S. in the 1970s did not have bases throughout the Persian Gulf. Thirty years later, U.S. military bases dot the Gulf.

"Now, there are no Soviets to contain. This relationship has been running on bureaucratic inertia.

(Egyptian Lantern Slides)

"So what should policymakers do? The debate falls along three axes.

"First, some argue that we should go back to authoritarian stability...

"The second axis around which the debate revolves is that we need to undertake a program of democratization and reform in Egypt...

"We need to provide some sort of soft landing...

"Finally, the third stream of thought, an emerging one, is that ...
we need to step back from this relationship...

"There is no compelling reason to have a strategic relationship with Egypt, or for Egypt to be the second largest recipient of our foreign aid."


Soros helped Arab bloggers gain exposure....

The story from the mainstream media is that:

(A) Mubarak is in bed with Israel and CIA for decades....

(B) Mubarak has not helped Egypt.

What is the truth about Mubarak?

Egypt opposes Globalisation.

Mubarak "has failed to deregulate and privatize the economy." (
Egypt and Israel: A Reversible Peace :: Middle East Quarterly)

2. Egypt has been making good economic progress

Egypt has enjoyed economic growth averaging 4%–5% over the past 25 years.

The Egyptian economy was expected to grow at 6.1% in 2010/11. (
Egypt - African Economic Outlook)

"Egypt held up well during the first round of the global financial crisis thanks to its reformed banking sector and low integration into global financial markets as a whole." (
Egypt - African Economic Outlook)


Mubarak and Israel.... Love at first sight for decades with CIA's blessing and daily Protection for his Regime of thugs/thieves and crooks....

"The Egyptian minister of defense and war production, Muhammad Hussein at-Tantawi, was reported to have told a closed forum a few years ago that Egypt should prepare for a future war with Israel." (
Egypt and Israel: A Reversible Peace :: Middle East Quarterly)

In 1981 President Mubarak came to power and he "has effectively boycotted Israel."

Egypt's state-controlled newspapers continued to demonize Israel.

"All ties on the bilateral level between Egypt and Israel have been frozen including tourism, commerce, and industry." (
Egypt and Israel: A Reversible Peace :: Middle East Quarterly)

4. Israel and the USA want to topple Mubarak.

Under Mubarak, the Egyptian military has seen Israel as the enemy and has not cooperated fully with the USA.

Egypt has resisted sending troops to Iraq and Afghanistan. (
US frustrated with Egypt military)

Egypt opposes US Globalisation.

Emad Gad, an expert at Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies, says:

"Despite Israel’s peace treaty with Egypt, Egypt remains Israel's primary threat in the region.

"Israel sees Egypt as its main obstacle to regional dominance."

Israel wants to grab a part of Egypt....

Some History:

Egypt and Israel were at war in the years: 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973.

In 1977 President Anwar Sadat decided that Egypt could only get back Sinai by signing a peace treaty with Israel.

In April 2010, it was reported that a weekly magazine aiming to link Arab bloggers with politicians and the elderly was launched in Egypt at the initiative of a group backed by US billionaire George Soros. (Soros backs Egypt weekly to give Arab bloggers exposure.)

In April 2010, it was reported by the Jerusalem Post that "Egypt has taken an aggressive stance against Israel, with Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit calling Israel an 'enemy' state." - (
Egypt warns of Israel-Lebanon escalation)

In June 2010,
Egypt re-opened the Rafah border with Gaza (Rafah crossing to remain open indefinitely - News)

In August 2010, Egyptian security forces seized a ship loaded with explosives coming from Israel and arrested its owner in Port Said. (Egypt seizes explosives on ship coming from Israel - People's.)

On 20 December 2010 (ISRAEL DESTABILISING EGYPT) we learnt that Egypt arrested members of an Israeli spy ring within its borders.

On 1 January 2011, we read that a group calling itself Al-Qaeda (the CIA-Mossad) may be responsible for the seven dead and 24 injured in an attack on a church in Egypt

In January 2011, we read that Egypt's Irrigation Minister has dismissed the possibility that Egypt would supply Israel with water from the Nile. (Egypt and Israel, a souring relationship?)

Egyptian riots. .

It would seem that the USA and Israel decided some time ago to topple Egypt's president Mubarak.

"The U.S. strategy for three decades ... has been to bet on Mubarak... But that cannot possibly be a smart bet for the next decade." - Elliott Abrams on 20 January 2011 (

Abrams, a neo-con Zionist, was involved in Iran-Contra.

According to PressTV (
Mossad was behind the Egypt church blast):

"Political experts believe that the US, the Israeli regime and Britain have crafted a long-term joint security program in the Middle East and North Africa...

"Part of the scenario is to ... split Egypt into a Christian-populated country and a Muslim-populated one ...

"The West's agenda is to lay the groundwork for the formation of a Coptic government in Upper Nile in Egypt...

"Therefore, the recent scuffles between Muslims and Christians in Naj' Hammadi region in Qena governorate in southern Egypt as well as the blast at the Alexandria church are a prelude for the dangerous Western-engineered scenario to unfold in one of the key Islamic-Arab nations."

Netanyau meets Omar Suleiman, head of Egyptian Inteligence on 4 November 2010 in Tel Aviv.

According to the powerful US Council on Foreign Relations (Egypt - Council on Foreign Relations):

"The Suez Canal remains critical to the security of the Persian Gulf and its vast energy reserves, as well as to global trade.

"Egypt also maintains the region's largest and most powerful Arab military."

It seems that Obama would like to topple Egypt's President Mubarak, and replace him with someone more reliable.

The Pentagon wants the Egyptian military to help advance the US-Israeli agenda....

Who might replace Mubarak?

Some unknown military figure could emerge.

Or spy chief Omar Suleiman could take power in some kind of coup.

Suleiman was trained at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare School and Center at Fort Bragg, in the 1980s. (
Egypt's Next Strongman Foreign Policy)

Suleiman continues to have close contacts with US intelligence and military officials.

On Facebook, Twitter, and blogs, Suleiman is receiving support. (
Egypt's Next Strongman Foreign Policy)

Here is the contrarian view....?

Spy Agencies Failed to Predict Egypt Uprising...


It is becoming increasingly clear that the ongoing popular uprising in Egypt represents the most important geopolitical development in the Middle East since the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran. In light of this, it is remarkable how unprepared foreign intelligence agencies have proven in forecasting the crisis. Even the Israelis were caught completely unaware: on January 25, the day when massive protests first erupted across Egypt, Major General Aviv Kochavi, newly appointed head of Israel’s Military Intelligence Directorate, told a Knesset committee that “there are no doubts about the stability of the regime in Egypt” and that “the Muslim Brotherhood is not organized enough to take over”. Instead, Kochavi focused on political volatility in Lebanon; ironically, the latter now seems like an oasis of tranquility compared to the explosive state of Egyptian politics.

If the Israelis, whose very concept of national security is inextricably linked with developments in Cairo, were so unsuspecting of the popular wave of anger against the thirty-year dictatorship of President Hosni Mubarak, one can only imagine Washington’s surprise at the protests. After speaking to Mubarak on the phone last Friday, US President Barack Obama urgently summoned his advisors to the White House for a weekend security briefing, several days after the wave of popular discontent swept the Middle East’s most populous country. Similarly, stunned policy planners in Tel Aviv are reportedly “anxiously monitoring” the situation on the ground in Egypt, while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has issued strict instructions to his Cabinet Ministers to “refrain from commenting on the issue”.

Like Netanyahu, Obama will find that there is little his advisers can tell him about developments in the streets of Egypt. For years, the US Central Intelligence Agency has worked closely with the Egyptian security establishment in the contentious context of Washington’s “war on terrorism”. But it is unlikely that the CIA has been as meticulous in developing trustworthy contacts inside Egypt’s fragmented but dynamic and energized Egyptian opposition. The latter, whether religious or secular, is naturally distrustful of American officials, whom it sees as longtime supporters of the dictatorial rule of President Mubarak, in the interests of what US Vice President Joe Biden has called “geopolitical interests in the region”.

Some US intelligence planners were pleased with the recent appointment of General Omar Suleiman to Egypt’s Vice President. Few knowledgeable observers were surprised by the appointment of Suleiman, who has directed the Egyptian General Intelligence Directorate for nearly 20 years. His strong candidacy had been publicly noted even before the ongoing uprising, and undoubtedly represents a rare positive development for US State Department officials, who know Suleiman well. The General, who is often described as the Middle East’s most powerful intelligence chief, has “longtime friends” and “close working” personal relations with the CIA. These were significantly advanced during the Bill Clinton administration and solidified under the CIA’s extraordinary rendition program after 9/11. Egyptian officials have admitted receiving up to 70 terrorism suspects under the CIA’s controversial secret detention program. Planners at Langley know and trust Suleiman, and will undoubtedly try to oversee a change of guard in Egypt in favor of the General, who is considered Washington’s horse in the race to replace Mubarak.

But Middle Eastern politics are always more complicated than they appear, and it is unlikely that the Egyptian opposition will allow Suleiman, who is considered a staunch Mubarak loyalist, lead the besieged government. Those in the know insist that the Egyptian armed forces have yet to speak, and that the military top brass is “still sorting out [...] whether to continue to back Mubarak”. It is worth remembering that, with the world’s 10th largest military, numbering nearly half a million armed men, many of whom are stationed on the border with Israel and the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, Egypt is a totally different ball game than Tunisia.

A consensus is gradually developing among Egypt experts around the world that the Mubarak regime will indeed fall, a stunning scenario that seemed completely implausible even a week ago. The most cautious observers note that it is “hard to imagine Mubarak is president in a year”. If this were to happen, nobody would be able to foresee what Egypt, or the Middle East as a whole, would look like by the end of 2011. It would be equally impossible to predict the state of US foreign policy by that time. As one Israeli commentator noted recently, Obama may be remembered in American foreign policy annals as “the president who ‘lost’ Turkey, Lebanon and Egypt, and during whose tenure America’s alliances in the Middle East crumbled”....

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....اليوم بدأت الحرب الاسرائيلية الثالثة على لبنان

تابعوا تفاصيل الحرب الاسرائيلية الثالثة على لبنان

جنرالات الجيش الاسرائيلي في لبنان :

سعد الحريري واركانه

المستشار العسكري الاميركي لمسوؤل الاغتيالات في مركز الاركان لقائد الحرب الاسرائيلية سعد الحريري

قائد وحدة التخطيط المركزي في الجيش الاسرائيلي في لبنان الجنرال فؤاد السنيورة

الجنرال سم السبع مدير مركز تحليل المعلومات الشيعية في الجيش الاسرائيلي 

البريغادير جنرال وليد جنبلاط قائد قوات الحرب الالكترونية في لبنان هلق هوي من جيش اسرائيل والله جيش سوري في ربكون ووليد بس بيعرفوا


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مورا كونللي تحولت إلى مندوبة انتخابية لسعد الحريري .......برسم العرصات الذين يعتبرون سعد الحريري خليفة النبي محمد

أن تكون سنيا يعني ان تسير على درب النبي محمد وان تتبع سيرته
ان تكون سنيا يعني ان تحب من يحب المؤمنين وتكره من يكرهون المؤمنين

هل مورا كونيلي هي ام المؤمنين ؟؟

هل فيلتمان هو قائد جيش الصحابة

واذا كان سعد الحريري حبيب فيلتمان وحبيب قلب مورا كونللي فكيف يكون السني مع الحريري وهو محط رعاية قتلة السنة الاميركيين ؟؟

مورا كونللي السفيرة الاميركية في بيروت تلاحق النواب المترددين لتستميلهم إلى سعد الجريري فهل هي سنية وهو زعيمها ام هو سني وهي زعيمته ؟؟

سعد الحريري ليس سنيا بل ماسوني صهيوني والدليل تلو الدليل يظهر امامك يا عميان وآخره لقاء جرى اليوم بين مورا كونيللي والنائب المتردد نقولا فتوش فما ان سمعت كونللي ان فتوش قد لا يسمي سعد الحريري لرئاسة الوزراء حتى سارعت إلى لقائه وقدمت له طلبا اميركيا مباشرا لتسمية الحريري والا فهو سيوضع على لائحة الارهاب الاميركية

ولسا بتقولولي الحريري سني يا خروات

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مفتي نتنياهو زعيم التيار الاسرائيلي في لبنان ----....إقرأو البيان ففيه اخطر تهديد يوجه حتى اليوم لسعد الحريري

ذنب الكلب لو كويته بالنار والحديد فسيبقى كما هو غير مستقيم

والمفتي رشيد قباني المرتشي والنصاب والحرامي والمرتزق والمأجور والمفتن والساعي بين ارجل رجال اميركا لتأمين تسلطهم على اهل السنة في لبنان يبقى مثل دنب الكلب اعوجا .
سنة لبنان براء من المفتي قباني كما هم ابرياء من زعيم التيار الاسرائيلي في لبنان سعد الحريري وسنة لبنان الذين تحولوا بسبب سعد الحريري وابوه إلى افقر الفقراء وإلى اكثر طائفة مظلومة في لبنان لن تقاتل دفاعا عن قرارات باراك اوباما ولن تقال دفاعا عمن يحرق لبنان لاجل عيني رضى بنيامين نتنياهو .

سنة لبنان الفقراء يحتاجون لزعيم لا لقواد يا رشيد قباني فصيت الغنى لهم والفعل السرقاتي لبعض المشايع الذين تحولوا إلى شهود زور وإلى لوبي اسرائيلي يدعم اهداف الجيش الصهيوني في لبنان

بيان المفتي اليوم المطالب باعطاء البايبي سعد الحريري الغنوج لعبته (رئاسة الحكومة ) لن تحقق شيئا لسعد

الاسرائيليين الذي ارسل احد زبانيته - " عبد العرب " لتهديد المفتي بالشيكات التي دفعها كمفتي لنفسه كصاحب لشركة مقاولات ، فرضخ المفتي وقرأ بيانا مكتوبا من هاني حمود فجعل من المفتي مجرد صبي عند ولد اسمه سعد الحريري ولكن النتيجة ستكون كالتالي

يمكن لسعد الحريري ان يلحس خراه ويقبل بنهاية تسلطه على الطائفة السنية دون شوشرة ولا دماء مع احتفاظه بكل الاموال التي سرقها من اهل السنة في لبنان حين سرق من اربغة وخمسين الفا منهم املاكهم في بيروت ووسطها

ولكن وبعد خطاب المفتي الداعي إلى ابقاء القواد في موقع رئيس الحكومة فما سيحصل هو التالي

بعض ضعاف النفوس المخدوعين سيقاتلون لاعتقادهم ان الطائفة كرامتها من كرامة القواد وسيقتلون
حينها سيخرج اهل السنة والجماعة عن بكرة ابيهم لكي ينتقموا من سعد الحريري ومن املاكه ولن يبقى لا سوليدير ولا قبر رفيق سوليداد ..

حل عنا بالمنيح يا سعد الزب او بتحل عنا بالقبيح ؟؟
هذا سنيا

واما وطنيا فالمطلوب
من حزب الله ان يقبل بان يقدم رقبته للاسرائيليين فيذبحوه وسيفعل حزب الله ذلك لانه خائف من زعل المفتي ومن زعل انصار سعد الحريري وخوفا من قول القائلين انه يضرب السنة في لبنان فيزعل منه سنة العالم العربي

هذا الخيال الواهم لسعد الصغير إبن الحرامي الكبير رفيق الحريري سيبقى خيالا غير قابل للتطبيق لان سنة العالم العربي يعرفون كيف يفرقون بين شيعي يقاتل عن السنة والشيعة ضد اسرائيل وبين صهيوني اسمه سعد الحريري استلمك شيوخا سنة منهم المفتي بالمتال لاجل التغطية على صهيونيته لذا فسنة العالم العربي حين يخيرون بين من يقاتل اسرائيل وبين من يعمل في خدمتها فسيختارون الاول ولو كان ملحدا فكيف وهو مجرد رافضي لا نشك باسلامه ما دام يشهد الشهادتين وافتى زعيمه الخامنئي بحرمة شتم الشيخين ؟.

الميت ميت فلا يهمه الطعنات وحزب الله ليس راقصة تبحث عن الشعبية يا سعد اسرائيل بل هو حزب يضم مئات الاف المقاتلين (مئتين وثمانين الفا على ما تقول التقارير الاسرائيلية ) وهو الذي هزم اسرائيل والعالم كله ضده وهو الذي حرر لبنان ونصف اللبنانيين يتآمرون عليه بمن فيهم المفتي وشيوخه وشخاشيخه ونصف الشيعة ايضا كانوا ضده بالسر خجلا من العلن ومع ذلك حارب وانتصر بينما يقاتل المفتي وسعد الصغير اليوم مع اسرئيل فهل سيتورع حزب الله عن ضرب سعد الحريري ضربة قاضية سياسيا لانه يخشي زعل المفتي وشيوخه وشخاشيخه ؟؟

اللي مفكر حالو محصن لانو سني فليتعظ من مذبحة فتح في غزة فهناك ضربت المقاومة السنية فصيلا سنيا بالكامل ومسحت الارض فيه

وفي اقليم التفاح وفي الضاحية الجنوبية وقبل عشرين عاما تقريبا ضربت مجموعات شيعية مجموعات شيعية أخرى لان راس الاولى كان على المحك

من ضرب شيعيا في اقليم التفاح هو كمن ضرب سنيا في غزة حين يخير بين نهايته بالاختيار والتطوع وبين القتال حتى هزيمة الخائنين فهو سيقاتل ولن يخشى لا فتنة ولا بطيخ لان بديل الفتنة موجود وهو كسر الخونة وتنصيب سنة من اهل السنة والجماعة
ولكنهم ممن يسيرون على درب المقاومة ويفخرون بانهم سنة ومقاومون

Friday, January 14, 2011

سعد الحريري العائد من حضن الصهاينة الاميركيين في واشنطن يتحدث عن كرامة اهله

ما ابرع القواد حين يتحدث عن الشرف وعن كرامة اهله

اذليت السنة في لبنان يا كلب الاميركي

ايها الخنزير النجس لقد احزنت قلب الملك عبد الله وغدرت به واعطيت الحجة لضرب السنة في لبنان

نعم السنة في لبنان بقيادتك هم ابناء العلقمي كما كان الشيعة في العراق ابناءه

والسنة في لبنان التابعين لك هم جيش لحد المسلم كما لحد الماروني عميلا وكلبا لاسرائيل

والسنة المتمسكين بزعامتك هم قبائل المرتزقة التي قاتلت مع الايطاليين ضد عمر المختار

والسنة الذين يرضون بافعالك هم الشاتمون لعمر وابي بكر وهم المقاتلون في حروب الردة ضد ابي بكر وعمر وعثمان

السنة الراضون بعمالتك وزعامتك هم انفسهم من قتلوا عثمان ثم خرجوا يطالبون بدمه

ايها الخنزير ارحل عن لبنان فما عاد شرف السنة والجماعة يتحمل عمالتك ونجاستك

القواد ابن الحرامي ضاحكا وهو في طريقه من البيت الابيض إلى مكتب الصهيوني فيلتمان

مساجد لا توالي باراك اوباما وهيلاري كلينتون كما تفعل انت

امهاتنا المؤمنات لا يصلين لكي يرفعن ايديهن دعاء بالنصر لمن تدعو له بالنصر هيلاري كلينتون وحاخامات ايابك

نعم لن نسمح بالسيطرة على ارادتنا ولن نرضى بغير راينا الحر يؤخذ به ولن نسمح بان يصبح السنة من مواطني الدرجة الثانية في لبنان ولكننا لن نفعل ذلك بقيادتك ايها الخائن العميل للاميركان
انت صهيوني مثل ابوك

ارحل عن لبنان فقد خدعتنا كفاية وحان وقت الثورة حان وقت الثورة


هل تذكرون ترّهاتكم ايها الفريق الكاذب ايام انتخاب رئيس الجمهورية؟

هل تذكرون انكم انتخبتم رئيساً ليس له حيثية شعبية او نيابية؟

هل تذكرون انكم اخترتم من لا يمثل الأكثرية المسيحية؟

هل تذكرون مقولتكم المنافقة "ميشال عون أو لا أحد" والتي غسلتم بها عقول خرافكم الأغبياء؟

هل تذكرون الإهانات والشتائم والتحقير والتسفيه الذي وصل الى حضيض ما بعده حضيض في هجومكمم على الرأي العام المسيحي والمستمر حتى يومنا هذا ايها الدجالون؟

هل تذكرون استحضاركم لكافة التحريضات المذهبية وغير الأخلاقية بغية الوصول الى تمسك مافياتكم العميلة بالسلطة بعد ان حكمت لبنان بعمالة ما بعدها عمالة أيام الوصاية السورية؟

اليوم واليوم فقط تتذكرون كرامة اللبنانيين؟ فاينكم من حماية كرامة المسيحيين واختيارهم لممثليهم التي هتكها ويهتكها مفتيكم الجوزو واتباعه من الحمقى الذين تتشكل حاشيتكم منها؟

نحن نتذكر كل ذلك ولن ننسى, ولذلك نأمل ان يكون قد بدأ التأسيس لوضع حد نهائي للمدرسة الحريرية في الحكم والتي خبرنا نتائجها في كل بيت وفي كل قسط مدرسة وفي كل معاش متدنٍ وفي كل يوم طويل لمسن يعمل كسائق تاكسي وفي كل يوم اربعاء عند صدور تسعيرة جديدة للبنزين وفي وفي وفي ......

نحن قررنا اننا لا نريد اي من وجوه هذه المدرسة الفاشلة يصل الى الحكم ثانيةً, التغيير واجب وألإصلاح قادم, انها فرصة ذهبية لن تتكرر.

وفي النهاية لن ينفعكم التهويل بالفتنة ولن ينفعكم التسخيف بكافة الشخصيات السنية اللبنانية الأخرى, اتعظوا مما فعلتم بنا ايها المنافقون, لم تصدق كلمة واحدة مما تفوهتم به منذ 1990, وطبعاً وأكيد لن يصدق او يصح اي كلام مستقبلي .

"ويللي بيجرب المجرب بيكون عقلوا مخرب"


Monday, January 10, 2011

CIA-MOSSAD- PREPARING A COUP IN TUNISIA? The Darfur Domino effect is on a roll....

Materi, who feeds chickens to his tiger. Pasha eats four live chickens a day. (Africa ...)

Freedom House, NED, Soros/CIA NGO's, MOSSAD, MI6 convoluted Color Revolutions...?

معلومات جاءت على لسان ناشطة مصرية على موقع فيسبوك أطلق عليها المحاورون اسم شيماء وتم التعتيم على ملامحها حيث أكدت أنها تلقت تدريبات على يد أخصائيين من إسرائيل والولايات المتحدة الأمريكية لقلب نظام الحكم في مصر وبتمويل من منظمة فريدوم هاوس التي يقع مقرها في واشنطن. وأكدت "شيماء" أنها تلقت مع زملائها تدريبات وكانت تحصل على راتب يومي يقدر بخمسين دولاراً أمريكياً إبان التدريب ناهيك عن مبلغ دولار أمريكي عند العودة إلى مصر ... وعبرت عن خوفها على حياتها لأنها كشفت زملاءها فى حركة شباب 6 أبريل وفضحت أجندتهم وتطلعاتهم فى تخريب البلد مؤكدة أن ما يحدث فى ميدان التحرير وحدث من قبل في كنيسة القديسين بالإسكندرية هو مخطط يهودي إسرائيلي يهدف لتدمير البلاد

CIA-MOSSAD- PREPARING A COUP IN TUNISIA? Is Ben Ali, the latest "Saddam".... or the Algerian Bouteflika will be dumped first...? Is Morocco, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Algeria, GCC, next...? The Sudan/Darfur Domino effect is on a roll....from Quetta, to Saudi Arabia to MOSSADISTAN....!

Once Obomba has made sure that the dictator of Tunis is down and out...., he said that he salutes the "courage" of the Tunisian people and called for free elections.... Wait: does that mean that he now calls for free elections in the other dictatorships that he sponsors, like Syria, Morocco, Libya, Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Oman, UAE, and Yemen? Or he only wants free elections 1) in countries that are not aligned with the USA/Israel: 2) in dictatorships that are sponsored by the US ONCE THE DICTATOR IS DOWN AND OUT.....

Ben Ali of TUNISIA was one of the most glaring examples of the modern Arab autocrat/Dictator who was also heavily supported by Western ZOG criminal powers, and who ruthlessly put down protests and challenges by domestic forces, whether Islamists, secular democrats, leftists, or union members, jurists, journalists and other specialized groups... Because his system of rule and the grievances that finally sparked his people to throw him out are both so common around the Arab world, we will be witnessing the start of a historic process in which developments in Tunis ignite copycat protests or worse political challenges in all other Arab countries soonest....

....كلنا تونسيّون
يحلو للإيرانيين هذه الأيام أن يرووا على طريقة الوقائع الثابتة، لا كلام الشماتة، كيف أنّ نائب وزيرة الخارجية الأميركية للشؤون السياسية، وليم بيرنز، توسّط لدى المسؤولة الأوروبية كاترين آشتون تسع مرات متتالية، كي ترتّب له موعداً مباشراً مع كبير المفاوضين الإيرانيين سعيد جليلي، على هامش محادثات مجموعة الدول الست في جنيف في 10 كانون الأول الماضي. ويروون كيف أنه انتظر المسعى الأخير نصف ساعة في رواق قريب من مكان اللقاء المنشود، فيما كان المتحدث الأميركي روبرت وود يبادر إلى تأكيد اللقاء، «الأعلى مستوى بين واشنطن وطهران منذ 30 عاماً»، وفيما رئيسه باراك أوباما يسارع إلى الترحيب. وما يكتمه الإيرانيّون من تفاصيل تسيل به المواقع الإخبارية والمعلومات المتسرّبة عن كيفية «فرض» مكان اللقاء التالي في طهران بعد إسطنبول، وعن بوادر حسن نيّة بين الطرفين في أفغانستان، حيث تتقاطع المصالح في حرب واشنطن المنسيّة هناك، بعد حربها المطويّة في العراق، بفضل تقاطع مماثل، أو تحالف موضوعي، أو انكسار بعد انتصار... لا فرق.

للرواية أبعادها طبعاً، في السياسة الآنيّة ومؤشرات موازين القوى، لكنّ الأهم فيها أنها تلقي الضوء على المسار الأميركي طيلة عقد مضى. عقد بدأ مع أحداث 11 أيلول، وتكوين «محور الشر» في السياسة الأميركية وقاموسها وأدبياتها. يومها ـــــ وقد بات ثابتاً الأمر اليوم مع صدور المذكرات والتسريبات ـــــ انطلق مخطط واشنطن لمحاصرة إيران، من صوب كابول ومن جهة بغداد، ولم يجد أفضل من عنوان «نشر الديموقراطية» خطاباً أيديولوجياً للتبرير والتسويغ والتسويق.

مضت الأيام سريعاً قبل أن يعلن صقور المحافظين الجدد سقوط المشروع، وهزيمة المغامرة. في خريف 2006، ولمناسبة مرور خمسة أعوام على إبحار السفينة، سارعوا جميعاً إلى القفز منها، وراحوا يتبارزون في التنصّل، إلا أن أكثر ما قالوه دمغاً للتاريخ قول كينيث أدلمان يومها إن «فكرة السياسة الخارجية القوية لواشنطن، لمصلحة الأخلاق، فكرة استعمال قوتنا للخير الأخلاقي في العالم، قد ماتت لجيل على الأقل. بعد العراق لن تعود صالحة للبيع»، مضيفاً إنّ أفكار المحافظين الجدد عن نشر الديموقراطية في العالم صحيحة، لكن يجب حفظها في درج مقفل تحت عنوان «لا يمكن ذلك».

هكذا أقنعت واشنطن نفسها قبل خمسة أعوام، قبل أن تحاول إقناع العالم، بأن الديموقراطية سلعة حصرية الوكالة والمنشأ والتسويق، فإمّا أن تبيعها هي، وإمّا أن تُسحب من السوق، ثم أقنعت واشنطن نفسها وحاولت إقناع العالم بأن فشل تسويقها للديموقراطية يفرض على منطقتنا وشعوبنا أن تستنقع مجدداً في أنظمة البؤس، وأن تقبل التجميل الأميركي لهذه الأنظمة، باسم «الاستقرار» أو «الازدهار» أو «الاعتدال»، أو «مواجهة الإرهاب».

خمسة أعوام فقط كانت كافية لإثبات خطأ واشنطن مرةً أخرى. خمسة أعوام غيّرت مشهد المنطقة، وغيّرتها على صعيدين أساسيين واستراتيجيين. أولاً، ظهور تلك المفارقة بين الأنظمة الأميركية الهرمة والمنخورة والشائخة حتى التكلّس، في مقابل الأنظمة الممانعة لواشنطن، وقد اكتسبت قيادات شابة وجدّدت بناها وضخّت ما يكفيها لتقطيع المراحل الانتقالية.
ليس تفصيلاً أن تكون الأنظمة الموالية لواشنطن وأخواتها، من القاهرة وتونس، حتى الرياض، أنظمة تعاني مآزق في شرعية سلطاتها الثمانينية من العمر، وتعاني كوارث في سبل استمرارها واستقرارها، فيما طهران ودمشق وغزّة وضاحية بيروت الجنوبية، «دول» شابة تقبض على مستقبلها باطمئنان وثقة لأنفسها وأنفس ناسها.
غير أن المستوى الأساسي والاستراتيجي الآخر الذي بدأت بوادره تلوح، والذي يعدّ الأهم والأثمن بالنسبة إلى هذه المنطقة وشعوبها، هو الدرس المكتوب في هذه الأثناء في تونس. هناك يكتب الآن، بالدم والعرق وآثار السياط ولحظات الرصاص والنار، أنّ كل تنظير المحافظين الجدد كان خاطئاً، وأن الديموقراطية يمكن أن تولد من دون أساطيل، ومن دون تصدير لها بالرايات المرقّطة وبسمات جاي غارنر أو بترايوس.

ويكتب الآن، أن الديموقراطية ثانياً، يمكن أن تنبثق من أنظمة «الاستقرار العسكري»، من دون أن تقع في فخ الراديكالية الإسلامية، ومن دون أن تسقط في خيار «الصوت الواحد لرجل واحد... لمرة واحدة».
ويكتب الآن ثالثاً، أن أميركا لم تفشل في نشر الديموقراطية عندنا وحسب، بل أيضاً أقامت أنظمة تحول دون قيامها ويناعها.
قبل عقد، لحظة مأساة 11 أيلول، رفعت إحدى الصحف الفرنسية عنوانها الشهير: «كلّنا أميركيون»... بعد عشر سنوات، من أجل أوروبا وأميركا ومن أجلنا نحن، من أجل الدرس ـــــ الصفعة من أرض أليسار، يصلح أن نعنون: كلنا تونسيّون

On 24 December 2010, an important Washington think tank (Institute for Policy Studiesa) had an article about a possible change of regime in Tunisia (Foreign Policy In Focus.):

"It would do Tunisians, even (Tunisian President) Ben Ali, well to recall how many US allies different American administrations have discarded…

"The list is long and I will only mention a few: the Diem regime in the 1960s, Noriega of Panama... Marcos of the Philippines...

"Did the (US) ambassador 'decide' that Sakhi Materi 'should' replace his uncle Ben Ali…"

Sakhr El Materi, chairman of the Tunisia-US Parliamentary Friendship Group, is a top businessman and politician. (
this page)

In October 2010, Materi had talks with top Americans in the Pentagon and the State Department.

In July 2009 the US ambassador visited Materi's home (
Tunisia: Dinner With Sakher El Materi - TuniLeaks)

"The Ambassador raised economic liberalization, noting the importance of opening up to franchising. El Materi agreed, noting that he would be pleased to assist McDonald’s to enter Tunisia, suggesting they begin at the new cruise port in La Goulette."

The CIA may think Materi is too controversial a figure to be Tunisia's leader?

According to a certain blogger (
Tunisia's Udau Hussein - Instablogs):

Materi "feigns piousness, but is a phony (I once saw him going out to party with two girls and a friend; his wife wasn’t there; and he was driving a Bentley).

"How did he afford such a car? Using his new connections to acquire state funds and companies.

"He recently bought a +$1 million home in Montreal. The home operates as a gateway house in case Ben Ali dies and a new political order takes place that would rightfully prosecute him and the Trabelsis and the Ben Alis for their theft."

Read more:

On 31 December 2010, we read that "A Tunisian protester has died of his injuries after police shot him in the town of Menzel Bouzaiene...

"Mohamed Ammari, a Tunisian teenager,
had been killed by police bullets the same day..." (Another Tunisian protester dies)

When the CIA decides to topple a president, it uses its assets within that president's police and military.

In the run up to the CIA's toppling of Indonesia's President Suharto in 1998, certain members of the military shot and killed some important students.

The objective was to undermine Suharto. (

Suharto, perhaps like Tunisia's Ben Ali, was seen as getting too old, seen as not giving enough contracts to the USA, and seen as not being sufficiently subservient to Washington and Tel Aviv.

President Ben Ali, who is to be toppled by the CIA and Mossad? A few weeks ago, BEN ALI REITERATED HIS SOLIDARITY WITH THE PALESTINIANS. In 2000, Ben Ali decided to break all diplomatic ties with Israel. Wikileaks, the voice of the CIA and Mossad, tells us that the Ben Ali family is a "Quasi Mafia"s

Is the CIA planning a coup in Tunisia?

Tunisia is one of the most prosperous of Arab countries, and one of the best educated.

Tunisia has been successful at creating an industrial-base; for example, it has an Airbus plant, a textile industry and the manufacture of car parts.

Perhaps the CIA and Mossad would prefer a more backward Tunisia, run by the CIA's Moslem Brotherhood.

On 30 December 2010, we read that
Police have opened fire as protests spread in Tunisia

People are said to be unhappy about relatively high levels of unemployment among youth and about the government of the aging President, Ben Ali.

Tunisia is a success story compared to its neighbours.

Demonstrations have been reported in Kairouan, Sousse, and elsewhere.

In Kairouan, police clashed with demonstrators, leaving a number of people injured.

In Tunis, lawyers demonstrated 'in support of the protesters'.

The CIA and Mossad appear, through Wikileaks, to have expressed their wish to topple Tunisia's president, Ben Ali.

Wikileaks published a US government cable which described Tunisia as a 'police state', and, not sufficiently friendly to the USA.

Tunisia's tourism industry is said to be suffering from stiff competition from Israel. (LOL)

So, we have people power demonstrations, perhaps organised by friends of the CIA?

Expect to be told by the mainstream media that Ben Ali is horribly corrupt and has to go.

Synagogue entrance through which fuel tanker truck drove. From Flickr, El-Ghriba Synagogue. Author upyernoz

Reportedly, the CIA runs a secret prison near Bizerte, 65km north of Tunis, in Tunisia. (CIA facility in Tunisia?)

Back in 2002, Mossad and its friends took an interest in Djerba, in Tunisia, where Jews, Muslims and Christians normally live in harmony.

In 2002, in Tunisia, the Djerba bombing took place.

According to the official version, Nizar Nauar (Nawar), a native of Tunisia, drove a fuel tanker up to a synagogue.

The fuel tanker then exploded.

Nizar may have been a patsy. Nizar's brother, Walid, was jailed for 12 years for 'having supplied Nizar with false papers and a satellite telephone'.

Of course, no Jews were killed.


The bombing caused no real damage to the synagogue or its holy books.

Perez Trabelsi, head of Djerba’s large Jewish community, had left the synagogue for coffee just before the blast.

The people who died were 14 German tourists, five Tunisians and two French nationals.

The bombing was blamed on al-Qaeda, which is believed to be part of the CIA.


In 2003, Christian Ganczarski, who prosecutors believe had links to al-Qaeda, was arrested in connection with the bombing.

He has now been given a long prison sentence by a Paris court for his alleged part in the bombing. (
Two jailed over Tunisia bombing)

Is Christian a double agent or a patsy?

Christian was born in Poland to devout Catholic parents. He moved to Germany. Reportedly he became "one of bin Laden's personal couriers."

The alleged financier of the Djerba bombing is a Spanish Catholic called Enrique Cerda Ibanez.

The Djerba bombing was on 11 April 2002.

The New York attack was on 11 September 2001.

The Madrid bombings were on 11 March 2004.

The number 11 is seen by some numerologists to signify "Israel."

Israel has attacked Tunisia in the past.

In 1985, Israel bombed the PLO headquarters in Tunis. -

In 1988 a small fleet of Israeli Sa'ar 4 Fast Missile Boats arrived in the waters just off the coast of Tunis. The Palestinian Abu Jihad, Arafat's deputy, living in the exclusive Sidi Bou Said suburb of Tunis, was then murdered byIsraeli special forces. - Tunis Raid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Djerba's chief rabbi, Haiem Maddar, has said that Jews in Djerba have more in common with their fellow Tunisians than they do with the Europeans, Russians and Americans who control Israhell today.

Before 1948, Jews and Arabs coexisted together for centuries in Palestine. Now everyone in the world helps fuel the conflict so they can sell weapons to both sides, the rabbi complained. -(
Tunisian Jews Enjoy Religious Tolerance and Peace in Djerba)

Scores hurt in Algeria protests
Who is pulling the strings?

The CIA organises 'People Power'.

If a country is not being sufficiently friendly to people like George Soros, or if a country is being too friendly to China, then the IMF and the CIA can stir up discontent.

A few deaths can be arranged.

Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi shakes hands with Tunisian Foreign Minister Abdelwahab Abdallah after they signed an economic and technical cooperation pact in Beijing June 29, 2009.

Tunisia was seen as being stable and a success.

The impact of the 2008 global financial crisis on Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco was minimal.

On 10 January 2011, we read that at least 23 people have died so far in the street violence in Tunisia amid ongoing protests over joblessness, the French daily Le Monde has reported.

There is also unrest in Morocco and Algeria...

Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika and President Hu Jintao met in Beijing in 2008.

What is being planned by the CIA and by the guys in the CFR?

On 7 January 2011, Elliott Abrams wrote (Elliott Abrams: Is Tunisia Next?):

"Tunisia, whose literacy rate has long been the highest in Africa at nearly 80% and whose per capita GDP is about $8,000, should have the ability to sustain a democratic government—once the Ben Ali regime collapses.

"Tunisians are clearly sick of looking at all the giant photos and paintings of Ben Ali that appear on walls, posters, and billboards all over the country.

"And when that regime does fall, what happens next will be significant throughout the Arab world.

"If Tunisia can move toward democracy, Algerians and Egyptians and even Libyans will wonder why they cannot.

"This kind of thing may catch on. In fact, in Algeria it may already be catching on."

If Tunisia does get a new leader, perhaps he can expect a visit from George Soros, rather than some Chinese guy?


Captain Terrence Kilgore, Air Force liaison officer with the U.S. Embassy in XXXXXXX, reviews exercise plans with XXXXXXX Forces, January 2010.

Consider a country that "offers other developing nations a tantalizing example of how to overhaul their economies by pushing education, business-friendly policies..." (Prosperity - TIME)

In the capital, "there are now entire new districts of office buildings, with signs announcing the recent arrival of multinationals" like Ericsson and Siemens.

In a Global Competitiveness Report, the World Bank and the World Economic Forum cited this country's low corruption, stable government and educated population.

French carmaker Peugeot recognized these advantages when it recently opted to move its customer-service call center from Lyons to this country.

About 80% of this country's population own their homes.

School is compulsory — and free.

About 34% of high school graduates go to university. (Prosperity - TIME)

General William E. Ward, commander of U.S. Africa Command, in Tunisia, 1 June 2010.

The country referred to above is Tunisia, and there is a problem.

The volume of trade between Tunisia and the United States is very small. (TUNISIA-USA: LIMITED TRADE.)

The USA wants a change of leadership in Tunisia so that more American companies, rather than European companies, can move in.

AND, Tunisia is a moderate Moslem country.

The influential pro-Israel elite in the USA are not fond of Moslems.

AND, Israel would like to paint all Moslems as being poor and useless.

So, how might the CIA and Mossad shake things up in Tunisia?

Tunisian intelligence officers provide "intense cooperation" with CIA and FBI agents, said Tahar Fellous Refaï, director general of external relations and international cooperation at Tunisia's Ministry of the Interior. (Tunisia: The Price of Prosperity - TIME)

The recent shootings in Tunisia may have been organised to help the CIA.


SO, President Ben Ali has been forced out. What will happen next?

1. "Even strict secularist laws might not shield Tunisia from growing Muslim fervor in the region." (Tunisia: The Price of Prosperity - TIME)

The CIA and Mossad will be happy to see its friend Saudi Arabia spread Wahabism throughout Tunisia.

Fundamentalist Moslems are easier to control and exploit.

2. Investment by European countries will drop.

3. Tourism from Europe will decline.

4. Poverty and unemployment will increase.

5. The new leadership will award its friends with contracts.

6. Tunisia will be more of a slave to Globalisation.

7. Tunisia will be expected to serve the military interests of the USA.

On 14 January 2011, Mohamed Ghannouchi (above) became acting president of Tunisia.

He has in the past had dealings with the IMF and World Bank.

Rachid al Ghannouchi of the Muslim Brotherhood

When the CIA toppled the Shah, it used its friends in the Muslim Brotherhood.

In Tunisia, Rachid al-Ghannouchi's Harakat al-Nahdha (Renaissance Movement) is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Rachid al-Ghannouchi "remains committed to greater jihad" against Ben Ali. (Cached)~~


What will we learn about all this at or
Alex Jones' Prison ?

Very little.

What about - Centre for Research on Globalization?

They have printed Wikileaks propaganda aimed at destabilising Tunisia.

Readers of this blog will not have been taken in by the CIA PSY-OP IN TUNISIA?


Gen. William E. Ward, commander of U.S. Africa Command, is greeted by Tunisian military leaders at Tunis-Carthage International Airport.

Think of Blackwater/Xe, Triple Canopy, Dyncorps, Aegis...

Think of moving Tunisia out of the orbit of France and China and into the orbit of America-Israel?

Think of regime change in Tunisia being followed by regime change in OIL-RICH Algeria, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, GCC, Morocco, and Libya.....

Think of the CIA's links to the Muslim Brotherhood. (

According to a comment on the Guardian website (

You can see who is directing the protests right here, on Ikhwanweb.

"Ikhwan is the Muslim Brotherhood.

"The MB is the Wahhabi jihad outfit run by Saudi Arabia and CIA.....

"Ziocon Saudi Arabia is the USA's jihad-exporting ally"....

"Jihad is the excuse the USA needs to occupy more oil-rich Muslim states and expand its global-cop-on-the-make racket...."

According to Aljazeera (
Looters roam suburbs of Tunis)

People in Tunis have reported groups "prowling through neighbourhoods setting fire to buildings and attacking people and property."

Witnesses have spoken to Al Jazeera about "masked special forces" and "foreign militias."

In an interview with Al Jazeera, caretaker president Mohamed Ghannouchi said that "Gangs are indulging in looting, wreaking havoc and destruction and spreading fear among citizens."

In working-class suburbs of Tunis, hundreds of residents lined the streets with metal bars and knives trying to ward off looters.

Now poverty has been reduced from 77% in 1985 to 4.2% in 2000.

55% of the population is under 25.... With such rapid population growth, unemployment and poverty are bound to be on the increase....

Probably it will be worse in the future after these latest events.

'Ben Ali, former Tunisian president who predicted Muslim Brotherhood takeover'

What was happening in Tunisia under Ben Ali?

"Substandard houses were eradicated and decent houses, provided with drinking water, electricity, solar energy…

"Roads were built, too to facilitate access to the amenities.

"Schools were built near these scattered and small communities to allow especially girls to be educated." (

Tunisia, under Ben Ali, was prosperous. Tunisia boasts a GDP per capita of roughly $8,000, among the highest in Africa, and education levels that outrank much of the developing world.

Meanwhile, the CIA seems to be working with the Muslim Brotherhood.

According to
Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld (The Muslim Brotherhood Path to Victory: Part One (of Three ...)

Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Yusuf Qaradawi, and Malaysian opposition leader and Muslim Brotherhood supporter Anwar Ibrahim, appear to have friends in the West.

Both share ties to Oxford University.

Qaradawi is a trustee of the university’s Center for Islamic Studies, while Anwar was a lecturer at Oxford’s St. Antony’s College.

"Another Western media darling, Tariq Ramadan, who is prominent advocate of the Muslim Brotherhood agenda, found a permanent house at Oxford’s St. Antony’s College.

"Ramadan, Hassan al Banna’s grandson, was banned from entering the U.S. until January 19, 2010, when U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, issued an executive order allowing his entry to the country.

"Clinton who pressured the Malaysian government on behalf of Anwar, considers him a reformer and an exemplary moderate Muslim.

"One can only wonder why despite the readily available damning information and r
enewed attention on the MB and its affiliated groups the U.S. as its allies are laying the welcoming carpet to some of the most effective MB actors."

Meanwhile, has been taken in by the CIA? -
Social conflict in Maghreb has international implications. / Tunisians drive president from power

And Prison Planet also? - Behind Tunisia Unrest, Rage Over Wealth of Ruling Family


Both the Bush and Zine Ben Ali families have been linked to the heroin trade. (Website for this image) In 1992, in Paris, Moncef Ben Ali was sentenced in absentia to ten years imprisonment in connection with drug trafficking. But, while the level of drug taking in the USA is rated very high, the level in Tunisia is rated LOW.

It is our belief that most world leaders have things to hide.

It's a matter of relativity. Who was worse: the Shah or the Ayatollahs?

It is our belief that the CIA and its friends toppled the Shah, Suharto, Marcos, Saddam, Ben Ali and many others.

None of these leaders were saints; some were gangsters and war criminals; all were close friends of the CIA at one time or another.

The toppling of these leaders generally made things worse rather than better.

Tunisia under French rule.

The toppling of the Shah led to a long and bloody war with Iraq, an increase in the heroin trade and women being stoned to death.

The toppling of Suharto has simply led to another Suharto general taking over, and the rich taking more of the land of the poor.

In the Philippines, the oligarchs are still in charge, after the fall of Marcos.

Remember that Saddam was put into power by the CIA.

And Saddam offered to leave Iraq to prevent a war.

And the invasion of Iraq has made things very much worse for the average Iraqi.

Many governments, including those of the USA and UK, have been accused of being involved in the drugs trade. (
Corrupt war on drugs. /CIA drug trafficking - Wikipedia)

Seemingly, Tunisia is no different.

But remember that very many governments and top people are involved.

Moncef Ben Ali, also known as Habib Ben Ali, was murdered in 1996.

He was the elder brother of former President Zine Ben Ali.

Both Moncef and Zine have been linked to criminal activity.

On 30 November 1992, in Paris, "Moncef" was sentenced in absentia to ten years imprisonment in connection with drug trafficking.

Moncef's lawyer stated that there had been political manipulation and that there was "no physical evidence" that Moncef Ben Ali was involved in "laundering" money derived from trafficking.

"After the sentencing of his client, the lawyer Habib Ben Ali denounces" political manipulation "," Le Monde, December 3, 1992)

In 1996 Moncef was murdered, by certain Turks. (LA TUNISIE DE DINA: REVELATIONS SUR L'ASSASSINAT DE MONCEF BEN ALI -)

On 24 December 2011, we read that a Maltese and a Latvian were arrested in Tunisia after allegedly being caught with a kilogramme of heroin. ( - Maltese man arrested in Tunis 'known to Drug Squad')

Demand and trafficking of drugs globally. Tunisia is rated LOW

The Tunisian authorities have reportedly taken a hard line against drugs.

But, things are changing in Tunisia, as result of the 'CIA-NATO coup' of January 2011.

According to the UN, "In only five years, Sub-Saharan Africa has become the new hub for drug cartels from Latin America trying to gain entry into Europe.

"North Africa has not been spared from the drug trade as terrorist groups seek to take advantage of the growing phenomenon."

(Africa: Drug trade fund terrorist activities.)

North Africa's Al-Qaeda-CIA "is not above offering protection to drug traffickers moving into the region, say experts" (
Analysts: north African Qaeda helps drug trade)

In February 2010, the Mauritanian army intercepted a drug convoy escorted by Islamist militants.

"It is the proof of a connection between them and the traffickers," a source in the Mauritanian military said. (
Analysts: north African Qaeda helps drug trade)

"You have terrorist networks, smuggling networks, human trafficking networks, and there are points of contact, coordination between all these nice people," said one diplomatic source in the Mauritanian capital, Nouakchott.

"We know that AQIM (Al-Qaeda-CIA in North Africa) people have been involved in the drug trade, but as freelancers," he added.

"Some are members of AQIM and of criminal gangs at the same time."

Michael Braun, the US Drug Enforcement Administration's former head of operations, said the "Colombian cartels have established business relations with AQIM."

"They are using long-established AQIM smuggling routes to North Africa and Southern Europe, moving tons of arms or tons of cocaine: it's the same route."

Nor was it the first time the Colombians had set up this kind of route, he said.

"The Colombians are very good at this. It's the exactly the kind of relations they developed with Mexican traffickers..." (
Analysts: north African Qaeda helps drug trade)

Ben Ali was no saint, but Tunisians may be about to meet more Colombians?

Under Ben Ali, things were CIA/MOSSAD....manipulated....just like in Egypt, Jordan, GCC and Syria/Lebanon for decades.....

On 16 January 2011, top French scholar Bernard Lugan wrote about Tunisia.(
L'africaniste Bernard Lugan ne se réjouit pas de la chute du régime tunisien de Ben Ali ... Translate this page / Bernard Lugan news on Tunisia)


On 23 January 2011, at Voltairenet, Thierry Meyssan has an article on Tunisia entitled: Washington face à la colère du peuple tunisien ] - [ Translate this page ]

Meyssan believes that the start of the Jasmine Revolution was not planned by the CIA and its friends, but, that the CIA and its friends quickly became involved in directing the affair.

Aangirfan believes that the CIA and its friends have been planning for some time to topple Ben Ali.

Ben Ali, like the Shah and like Suharto, had become too independent minded.

According to Thierry Meyssan:

1. Washington saw that Ben Ali was in trouble and could not be saved.

So Washington decided to organise the rebels.

2. Washington decided to use the media in Tunisia and abroad to control the direction of the revolt.

Washington got the media to focus attention on social issues, the corruption of Ben Ali, and censorship of the press.

Washington wanted to avoid any mention of Tunisia being used as base for NATO and the CIA.

3. On 30 December, the private channel TV Nessma spread reports about the riots and organised a debate about the transition to democracy.

Nesma TV is part owned by Silvio Berlusconi.

4. At the same time, US agents (as well as Serbs and Germans) were sent to Tunisia to run the insurgency.

These experts provided the rioters with their slogans.

These experts followed the tactics for a 'colour revolution' developed by the Albert Einstein Institution.

5. On 2 January 2010, 'the CIA' hacked the official website of the Prime Minister.

6. On 13 January the Chief of Staff of the Army, General Rashid Ammar, was contacted by the commander of AFRICOM, General William Ward.

7. Ben Ali then fled.

8. News organizations launched the name "Jasmine Revolution" (in English).

The term "Jasmine Revolution" was used by the CIA to communicate during the coup of 1987 which placed Ben Ali in power.

9. We forget the good report given by the IMF managing director Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

And we forget the latest report of Transparency International which said that Tunisia was less corrupt than the states of the European Union such as Italy, Romania and Greece.

10. Ahmed Najib Chebbi, a pawn of the National Endowment for Democracy, has become Minister of Regional Development.

11. Amanou Slim, a blogger using the methods of the Albert Einstein Institute, has become Secretary of State for Youth and Sports.

12. The real seat of power is no longer at the Palace of the Republic, but at the Embassy of the United States.

Located outside of Tunis, in a vast campus, the embassy is a huge bunker that houses the highly secure central stations for the CIA and the MEPI North Africa and part of the Levant.

13. Islamist Rachid Ghannouchi prepares to arrive from London.

The following is our timeline:

2000 - President Ben Ali broke all diplomatic ties with Israel

2003 - Ben Ali refused to take part in either of the two wars against Iraq.

2009 - Tunisia signed an economic and technical cooperation pact with China

2009 - Sakhr El Materi, chairman of the Tunisia-US Parliamentary Friendship Group, met the US ambassador at Materi's home (Tunisia: Dinner With Sakher El Materi - TuniLeaks)
"The Ambassador raised economic liberalization, noting the importance of opening up to franchising."

2010 - A report (
Transformation: Tunisia) notes: "Despite the formal abolition of trade barriers for industrial goods with the European Union as of 1 January 2008, in practice, Tunisia has seen too little progress in terms of trade liberalization."

May 2010 - General William E. Ward, commander of U.S. Africa Command, visited Tunisia and met Tunisian Minister of Defense Ridha Grira.

"Minister Grira had recently returned from very positive talks in Washington with Secretary of Defense Robert Gates." (Tunisia - U.S. Africa Command Blog)

October 2010 - Sakhr El Materi, chairman of the Tunisia-US Parliamentary Friendship Group, had talks with top Americans in the Pentagon and the State Department.

November 2010 - A cable from the US embassy in Tunis released by wikileaks describes Tunisia's President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali's family entourage as a "quasi Mafia" because of its "organized corruption".

Mohamed Bouazizi. He "set himself on fire outside the governor’s office". ( Mohamed Bouazizi.) Or he "set fire to himself at the bus station." "He had apparently decided to go to Tunis and talk to the president... (he) arrived at the bus station." (Tunisian riot town stands firm in its fury )

17 December - Mohamed Bouazizi, a 26-year-old university graduate, reportedly set himself alight in the central Tunisian town of Sidi Bouzid in a protest over unemployment.

He reportedly died on January 5 from burn wounds.

In Islam, suicide is considered a sin.

There have been rumours that
Mohamed Bouazizi is still alive s

24 December 2010 - an important Washington think tank (Institute for Policy Studiesa) had an article about a possible change of regime in Tunisia (Foreign Policy In Focus.):

"It would do Tunisians, even (Tunisian President) Ben Ali, well to recall how many US allies different American administrations have discarded…"

7 January 2011 - the Council on Foreign Relations's Elliott Abrams (
Elliott Abrams: Is Tunisia Next?) seems to suggest that the fall of Ben Ali would be a good thing.

"Tunisians are clearly sick of looking at all the giant photos and paintings of Ben Ali that appear on walls, posters, and billboards all over the country...

"If Tunisia can move toward democracy, Algerians and Egyptians and even Libyans will wonder why they cannot."

8-10 January - More people die in three days of rioting.

Mysterious rooftop snipers are at work.

13 January -
The army withdraws from Tunis, which remains occupied by special forces.

The leaders of the North African branch of Al-Qaeda/the CIA call for the overthrow of Ben Ali.

14 January
- Ben Ali leaves the country.